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Ditto on the backlight.
While reserving my phone, I saw a note about "carrier activation." I'll see if it's as simple as switching my SIM card...I hope so.Hahahaha welcome to adulthood.
If I buy a phone from Apple directly, do I merely put my existing SIM car in it?  Is something else necessary?
I haven't experienced any slowness. Netflix, YouTube (whose ATV abandonment is the reason I stopped using ATV for streaming), PLEX, and Yahoo Screen work fine for me.
I wonder where Tivo is on their list. Other than HBO/Showtime, all of my streaming is done on my Roamio.
Yes, I have. When the 6 came out, I placed my 5 in front of it and realized that the 6's screen was the size of the entire iPhone 5. Larger is not always better, but if it's going to be that big then it should be awesome I guess. Personally, I don't even think it looks good. The build quality looks a lot cheaper than the 4 prior iterations of the iPhone. Pass 😒I will require a smaller form factor for my purposes. Besides, all I need are future proofing and a faster...
Agreed @Crimguy.  The only way I buy a "new" iPhone is if there is a 4" version.  Otherwise I'll upgrade my iPhone 5 to a 5S later this year when their prices tank after the new phablets launch.
😂 Some people are so totalitarian. Get over yourselves. I do not want a larger phone, therefore I will buy a 5s. I'm good…
iPhone 5s for me it seems. No phablets. I'd go ahead and buy it now, but the prices will tank after 6s' announcement so I'll wait.
uniOS? If it's intuitive, and works flawlessly then it's fine with me. I welcome all of these enhancements. Looking forward to playing with this on my iPad Air 2, but I hope iOS 9 makes my iPad 2 usable again. Question: Can you flick the video from corner to corner a la FaceTime?
New Posts  All Forums: