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I don't think talking to a watch will be in an Apple product--I mean, if you'd listen via a bluetooth earpiece, why speak into a watch? Listen via watch watch, you say? This space is still maturing, so I am still not sure of what "polish" Apple can bring to it yet--like they did with PCs, MP3 Players, and cell phones. These Archos offerrings are pretty bad though.
My takeaway:  Transformers 4 is coming?  Cool.
Looks good to me. Leagues better than the original geekbait they released.
 "Assembled in the USA" Most of the leaks are component leaks, and any such Mac Pro component leaks would originate from the same supposed sources around the globe. Back on topic, I’m looking forward to an iPad update.  My iPad 2 has served me well, but it’s time for an update.  Here’s hoping they add some awesome new feature that hasn't been, um, leaked yet.
Harsh words, but absolutely true. Anyone can sell a phone with a BOGO sales pitch.
Whither the Mac Pro? Easily the best kept secret in Cupertino--and why I've long suspected these "leaks" came from Apple directly.
U-verse is pretty sweet, but too bad I'll seldom use this with my 2GB plan. iTunes radio isn't much better.U-verse is AT&T's TV service. Not sure how that applies here.
I don't know which irritates me more, Nokia calling cropping a high resolution image "zoom" or attaching a huge appendage to a camera to accompolish a similar feat--for $500 nontheless.  Here's hoping a future iPhone blows both out of the water.
Remember how everyone scrambled to make tablets ahead of the iPad's rumored announcement? Deja vu. We see how that one ended.
  I wouldn’t care too much about it.  The iPad was a joke too, but look who’s laughing now?
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