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Ditto, former STS & current SRX owner here with no complaints at all.
Hopefully there will be a new iPhone at the older "5" size when this year's updates are announced.
Funny, the "tip" only referred to the Apple logo— even going into great detail on how to snag it. Don't try to clean it up now, mod.
Agreed. This tip is reserved for people who buy license plates emblazoned with the BMW logo for their BMW.
I don't use the remote either. Instead, I've commandeered the television remote's unused playback buttons for my ATVs. I think the ATV remotes joined witness protection, haven't seen them in years.
Did you read the article?According to the Q2 conference call notes on AI, that number was closer to 30% last year.
Thinness isn't the issue here. I find the latest models uncomfortably thin.That's not really the point. The point is the adoption rate of current iPhone owners is lower than expected. Android has had phablets forever, so it's not surprising that those owners switched to the superior iOS. 61MM could've been 100MM if the size didn't change so dramatically IMO.
I'm patient. The 5S will be a fine upgrade for me in the meantime. I no longer live at the whim of Apple's upgrade cycle. iPhones are quality products with plenty of life in them. Even after a few years.
20% is understandable. I was poised to upgrade when the 6 / 6 plus came out, but there's no way I'm walking around with a behemoth phone in my hand. If I decide to upgrade this year -- and Apple doesn't make a smaller version of the next iPhone -- I will buy an unlocked 5S.
I don't recall seeing this 'all black' version before. Nice.
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