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Apple - Steve = The Clone Wars
Yes you do.
My mac mini looks like a damned octopus. My next leap will be back to a professional tower (iMac was a fail many years ago for similar reasons). If the Mac Pro is discontinued, refurbs/ebay will be the way to go. By the way, AI marked the death of the iPod classic over two years ago, yet it lives on.
Yep, I passed on Lion too.
Change the remote's battery. I had the same problem.
Until a jailbreak is ready, and Plex is supported, I'm not even considering updating my AppleTVs.
I bought my last iPod back when this rumor first aired last year. For me, the Genius feature is the main reason to have every.fricken.song you own with you, and I think it's the killer app for the iPod classic. Since only a small percentage of my music is from iTunes, cloud offerings are of no interest to me. It also serves as an offsite backup of my photos, contacts, and music library.
I'm not sure about iPad 3, but it would be cool for Tim Cook to keep the "one more thing..." tradition alive.
I wouldn't assume that Microsoft's enterprise business makes their tablet offerings an easy sell. It didn't work for RIM or HP, two enterprise giants.
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