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Who the hell needs to watch live TV on their iPad at fricking home?!! I'm sure someone can provide a plausible example, but this seems to be more of a niche/proof of concept than a killer app. I think I'm ditching cable also. Too many alternatives to justify the price these days.
I thought Apple's market share was over 10% now...right? No way it could outpace the industry in sales for 3+ years and still be at 5%.
A portable is an uneccessary expense for me, not to mention more of an 'all in one' than the iMac is, so it's a nonstarter. My iPhone/iPad can handle my mobile tasks. I scaled down from my awesome Quicksilver G4 to a Mac mini (2009). While I like the mini's footprint, its lack of power dissapoints. I got over iMacs in the 90's. I regretted that decision shortly after purchasing it due to its lack of upgradability/expandability. I replaced the iMac with the G4, which...
While I like the look of the iMac, the all-in-one paradigm does not appeal to me. My next Mac will be a Mac Pro. I'll buy refurb or used if necessary.
Check out Logitech's USB Laptop Speaker Z305. A friend has this speaker on his laptop, and it sounds great. Any particular reason why it has to be USB? I have a great Logitech bluetooth speaker that I use with my Mac mini/iPad/iPhone.
Jim Caviezel is my choice. Makeup can do anything, so this push for a lookalike (Aston Kutcher? Really?) is offbase. Using a "Tom Cruise" caliber A-lister is also offbase IMO. Jim Caviezel last big role was Jesus, and with that role in mind I think he would do Mr. Jobs' story well--especially his later years--post 97.
Apple - Steve = The Clone Wars
Yes you do.
My mac mini looks like a damned octopus. My next leap will be back to a professional tower (iMac was a fail many years ago for similar reasons). If the Mac Pro is discontinued, refurbs/ebay will be the way to go. By the way, AI marked the death of the iPod classic over two years ago, yet it lives on.
New Posts  All Forums: