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I already have Pages and Keyonote on the iPad, but Excel will be an awesome addition.My new pet peeve.
No need for the arrogance. I said traction, not a be all end all win for Apple. There has been nothing here, despite traction being gained in other parts of the world.
We keep hearing that these Apple patents are so solid, yet none have gained any traction in the USA. The Verge did a big writeup on the first barrage of patents, and I thought this would all be over by now, but, I'm starting to think that all of this is just for PR purposes. Whatever. I used a friend's Motorola (?) Cruze the other day, and it was unusable. If that's any indication of Android tablets, people who use them have very low expectations.
So, is there an restaurant menuing app on the App Store that BWW has installed on their iPads and customized for their purposes? If so, that is fricken awesome, and I wish I had thought of it first. It's not like they could install software on the iPad for this purpose otherwise, right?
Maybe if they didn't make so many of them?
Who the hell needs to watch live TV on their iPad at fricking home?!! I'm sure someone can provide a plausible example, but this seems to be more of a niche/proof of concept than a killer app. I think I'm ditching cable also. Too many alternatives to justify the price these days.
I thought Apple's market share was over 10% now...right? No way it could outpace the industry in sales for 3+ years and still be at 5%.
A portable is an uneccessary expense for me, not to mention more of an 'all in one' than the iMac is, so it's a nonstarter. My iPhone/iPad can handle my mobile tasks. I scaled down from my awesome Quicksilver G4 to a Mac mini (2009). While I like the mini's footprint, its lack of power dissapoints. I got over iMacs in the 90's. I regretted that decision shortly after purchasing it due to its lack of upgradability/expandability. I replaced the iMac with the G4, which...
While I like the look of the iMac, the all-in-one paradigm does not appeal to me. My next Mac will be a Mac Pro. I'll buy refurb or used if necessary.
New Posts  All Forums: