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Apple didn't design the QuickTakes, they were just rebranded much like the printers were.  The were made by Kodak (100 & 150) and FujiFilm (200).  While I doubt Apple makes a camera, they could go along way in the accessories arena, because there aren't a lot of good solutions thus far.
Okay, I am so into this.  I'd pay "consumer prices" for an add-on with quality glass and respectable zoom options.  I have an 8X zoom lens now, but the lens is crappy.
What's with all of the "fake" posts?  The article clearly says it's a rendering--I mean, it's the first word in the title and everything.  Pretty impressive job, my compliments to the artist.
  He could easily be referring to the missing Transit directions, which are currently in Maps, used heavily by urbanites, and was handed off to other Apps in the App Store during Apple's keynote yesterday.
  You're referring to the iPhone 3G, and iOS 4 was horrible on it.  Since then, when I hear that a feature won't be supported on an older phone, I just go with it.
I was hoping for a 'One More Thing'…but I guess those days are over.
Is Google Maps Apple’s last dependency on Google?  Am i missing something?
  So, why would FCC information be placed on a prototype for a "world phone" that doesn't even have FCC approval yet?  We have seen this case from two sources now, so I think it's the real deal.   Regarding the case's material, didn't I read on here that liquid metal would satisfy the antenna concerns, while offering the phone more durability?  Why is everyone assuming this casing is aluminum?
This looks awesome.  With parts making it to the the mainstream, I think it means that Apple has moved this device to production--we've seen this before.  Maybe we'll have an announcement next week, and preorders beginning 8/1?
The screen size rumor is not really news since it's been floating for over two weeks now.  All this guy did was read a few blogs to gather this information.  I'm cool with the iPhone getting a little longer, but I don't see what it gains by doing so--other than being able to say the iPhone has a 4" screen.  Sure, text will be bigger in landscape mode, but I seldom read that way.    I'm more curious about the design of the phone--ooh, and Siri's evolution.  The Leica...
New Posts  All Forums: