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Apparently not...
Come on, why not Tungsten Carbide? A scratch proof watch is what I looked for when I purchased my Movado Dura, and there is a high demand for this material.
This! Get over yourself, dude. It's an opinion.
All I want is a smaller iPhone 6. Still scratching my head over why they made it so big.
I'd jump if it were on AppleTV natively. AirPlay adds an unecessary step IMO. GYST Dish and conform the app to AppleTV's clean UI standards.
The only thing that would've made me purchace a new iPhone this year would be a dramatically new camera. No camera, no sale, so I'll stick with my 5 one more year. This sounds promising.
No, I fixed it and kept moving. I'll wait until my current project is over before upgrading.
MySQL stop working reliably after installing Mavericks. I will pass on Yosemite.
I preordered one. This is disappointing. Edit: Apparently I'm one of the beta guys...
New Posts  All Forums: