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Before someone screams "Steve would never do this!!!," it's not the first time Apple used nonstandard color options to spur interest. I'm remided of the Flower Power / Blue Dalmation iMacs.
This looks third party, like the stuff you can buy at CES.
While slick, I doubt Phillips has added enough to these light strips to account for the $270 upcharge.  These kits go for less than $20 on ebay with a remote included.
Yep yep...my iPad 2 will be sold as soon as this is announced. Gotta love the resale value of Apple products...
Outside of military applications, I don't see a big need for this product. 
Where is the leagalese?  If these were for production, the fine print would be there...right?
These colors are very, um, strange. Just seems like a dramatic departure from the current app.
  Look again...she was watching the slideshow--or whatever was being shown on the big screen--not hosting it.
Ikea is crap.    There is no flash to this ad, it's purpose is subliminal, therefore the Kardashian/Real Housewives/BOGO set will not be that into it--which is fine, because they'd only have an Apple product if it were given to them anyway...jussayin.
I%u2019m in.
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