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Outside of military applications, I don't see a big need for this product. 
Where is the leagalese?  If these were for production, the fine print would be there...right?
These colors are very, um, strange. Just seems like a dramatic departure from the current app.
  Look again...she was watching the slideshow--or whatever was being shown on the big screen--not hosting it.
Ikea is crap.    There is no flash to this ad, it's purpose is subliminal, therefore the Kardashian/Real Housewives/BOGO set will not be that into it--which is fine, because they'd only have an Apple product if it were given to them anyway...jussayin.
I%u2019m in.
Kutcher's millions of Twitter followers are giving them some confidence that it'll do okay on the big screen.    I'll check it out & probably like it as long as it has the requisite digs at Microsoft and Google.    Heck, if i can sit through Oblivion I can tolerate anything.
I'm all in. Since my iPhone 5 still has two good years in it, the software updates are all I care about. I think iOS is great feature wise, and I welcome a refreshed GUI. Now on to the Mac Pro topic...
An Apple TV App Store makes sense to me. One reason to put sales numbers out there would be to motivate the developer community.
Hopefully more codecs. I like it, but the sparse video codec support is a sore point for me.
New Posts  All Forums: