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U-verse is pretty sweet, but too bad I'll seldom use this with my 2GB plan. iTunes radio isn't much better.U-verse is AT&T's TV service. Not sure how that applies here.
I don't know which irritates me more, Nokia calling cropping a high resolution image "zoom" or attaching a huge appendage to a camera to accompolish a similar feat--for $500 nontheless.  Here's hoping a future iPhone blows both out of the water.
Remember how everyone scrambled to make tablets ahead of the iPad's rumored announcement? Deja vu. We see how that one ended.
  I wouldn’t care too much about it.  The iPad was a joke too, but look who’s laughing now?
Before someone screams "Steve would never do this!!!," it's not the first time Apple used nonstandard color options to spur interest. I'm remided of the Flower Power / Blue Dalmation iMacs.
This looks third party, like the stuff you can buy at CES.
While slick, I doubt Phillips has added enough to these light strips to account for the $270 upcharge.  These kits go for less than $20 on ebay with a remote included.
Yep yep...my iPad 2 will be sold as soon as this is announced. Gotta love the resale value of Apple products...
Outside of military applications, I don't see a big need for this product. 
Where is the leagalese?  If these were for production, the fine print would be there...right?
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