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I welcome competition that isn't a blatant a ripoff.
This was covered in the article. RIF
Surely it doesn't glow all the time?  Other than that I'm geeking out over it.  Not as cool as Nest, but still cool.
I like a little offense from the #2 guy or lower.  From Cook, not so much, but from Schiller this is perfectly reasonable--and valid.
  I'm sure they start with where their users live based on AppleID info and/or iOS device usage.
I'm sure Cook has a lot of meetings--that's what senior executives do.  A very small percentage of those meetings actually lead to anything significant product-wise.  The popularaity of the Beats products demanded a fact-to-face if either party requested one.
Wow.  Everyone is basing all of this chatter on the conjecture of a reverse engineering errort?  Mkay. 
I like it when everyone looks good, so I won't begrudge HTC or BlackBerry for recognizing a trendsetting style. Neither is a blatant copy--a la samsung.
  I agree.  If there's a foul here, BlackBerry was first.
My biggest gripe was finally fixed.  WIFI finally works at home.
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