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  Unless you consider the marketing potential--which is Google's bread & butter.  Over a billion consumers, complete with associations, likes, and other sorts of data.  A marketer's dream.
At what point will Facebook be required to delete user accounts upon request a la Google+?  I think I'm over fb.
Everyone knew the story was bs anyway.  Stop trying to make a 'cheap' iPhone work!  The 4S and 4 (and later this year, the 5) fill that niche perfectly.
OMG, this again?  The iPhone 4, which runs rings around "free" phones, is $1 or less with a contract.   I think the tech media wags the dog with some of these stories.
So, wouldn't the "low cost" phone shipping in late 2013 be the current iPhone 5?  Isn't that the current trend?  There is no new phone for "emerging markets,"  just the old phone being shipped to new markets.
That's the thing about rumors, most aren't true.  I'm pleased that this one turned out ot be false.
I hope Apple doesn't buy Waze.  The best part of the app is that you get a head's up for police--and Apple will definitely kill that feature.  Waze is cool for the crowd sourcing aspect, but it had to mature just like every other GPS implementation.  For a few months, Waze wanted me to take an on-ramp that didn't exist.  Eventually it was fixed.  I have no big issue with Apple Maps, but those issues that I have noticed will be fixed over time.   I don't get why...
On a positive note, I'm glad to see Microsoft competing instead of copying interface cues from Apple this time around--damn, it's hard to be 100% positive in regards to Microsoft.
Pass.  I'll upgrade when I have too.  I have too many AppleScripts relying on the current version, and no time to update them.
While I think it is pointless to criticize Apple’s decision to use the lightning connector, I was pissed that even Apple was not able to provide adapters or other accessories on launch day—this just exasperates the knock-off issue.  Soon, other unapproved accessories (docks, car chargers, etc.) will come to market, and Apple may be scrambling to play catch-up.  Since analog audio-out is on the bottom of the iPhone 5, and power via Lightning was reverse engineered, a dock...
New Posts  All Forums: