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Check this out from MacSkinz: [quote]Hey everybody, here's an update... Our molds are finished for the 12" iBook and Titanium and we are now running samples and polishing the molds. These Skinz should be available in a month or so. We'll email those on our mailing list when they are. We are also working on the 15" iBook, the older iMac and something for the new iMac. As far as our shipping schedule goes, we ran...
Yes. They are. Look at the top of this page. MacNN | OS X | Reviews | AppleInsider | Team | DealNN | MacDesktops | Xicons | MacGeneration | Architosh
If it's not FireWire, IEEE1394, or iLink then it will not work with iMovie, at all. Check on Apple's iMovie page (www.apple.com/imovie) for a list of supported cameras.
[quote]Originally posted by gobble gobble: [QUOTE]Originally posted by gordy: [QB]I finally bit the bullet, and bought the education version Office v.x for $199 at the Apple Store. Other than honesty, what's to keep me from purchasing the academic version of MS Office from the Apple Store when, in fact, I'm long out of school?
I can't answer that, I'm a student...still.
Depending on the size of your fingers, you may not need to take your iMac apart (a daunting task, at best). If you remove the Airport cover while setting the iMac monitor down on a flat surface, you'll be able to see the purple and green battery in there. I have fairly big hands, but I was able to reach in there and replace the battery. YMMV. Good luck.
In the meantime, I was able to run RealPlayer in Classic last weekend. I'd read somewhere that it dosen't work. Not true.
Entourage, thank God. Mail was driving me crazy!
Well, I did a similar analysis a few months ago and the original 733 G4 with 4 Velocity Engines and the DVD-R/CDRW won hands-down. The iMac is nice, but not for me.
I finally bit the bullet, and bought the education version Office v.x for $199 at the Apple Store. I don't see any feature differences from the full version, other than there's a label stating that you can't use the software for commercial purposes. Anyway, it's great. I was able to transfer all contacts from Address Book, all email from Mail, and it's working perfectly.
[quote]Originally posted by Telomar: Err...you should probably steer clear of the stock market with thoughts like that.
I didn't refer to low production, only low inventory. Production will ramp up, so that's no big deal. A bigger issue would be if there were no buyers for these machines. Low inventory is GOOD. As long as they have sold everything they have, and they know when others are coming in, they'll be fine. My portfolio is...
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