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I compiled this list some time ago. Search with Google for the specific model number. I'm sure you'll find a vendor. Vendor\tModel\tUsually found in: Hitachi\tGD-3000\tPowerMac G4 Hitachi\tGD-7000\tPowerMac G4 LG (GoldStar)\tDRN-8080B\tPowerBook G3 Matsushita\tLF-D110\tPowerMac G4 Matsushita\tLF-D211A\tPowerMac G4 Matsushita\tSR-8174\tPowerBook G3 Matsushita\tSR-8176\tiBook 2001 (DVD-ROM) Matsushita\tSR-8184\tiMac DV Matsushita\tSR-8186\tG4...
AOL sucks anyway. I am currently in the 45 day trial period (I'm not keeping it), and I am checking my email at aol.com because I hate the app so much.
iMac: 1 KP since 10.1 related to my Rio 600 being disconnected and reconnected in rapid succession. That's it. iBook: 0 KP. 1 freeze related to the modem bug. The cursor stopped moving so I reset. When It started back up the date had reset. That was a hard crash.
Then what is Macslash? I thought that was the Mac-centric version of Slashdot. [ 02-21-2002: Message edited by: gordy ]

Guilty. I love Versiontracker. I read every entry, download some, and post feedback on the ones worthy of it. Versiontracker is a wonderful resource. And I could easily check it 12 time a day, especially when work is slow--like today. Normally I hover around 4-6 visits a day to the Mac OS X page.
The only reason I don't think this will happen is because there doesn't seem to be a free network for video conferencing. Maybe with the adoption of MPEG 4, open networks for video conferencing will pop up. For now, it seems that each video conferencing app has a proprietary network, not available to users using other apps. But I think a iPod-like camera is on the horizon. Maybe it'll plug into the 'ol pod for a HD based video camera solution.
There's also the Kodak DC 4800. Full manual controls, and OS X compatible since 10.0. It also has a PC Sync connector for connecting an external flash. Oh yeah, you can get it for less than $500. 3.34MP. I love mine.
It's easy to use my ZR10 as a webcam. Hell, I just plug it in, start up iSPQ VideoChat or ICUII (any app should work), and the audio/video source is automatically detected. If not, go into the app's audio/video settings and select "Canon DV" as the source for both signals.
I have the Canon ZR10 also. I would not recommend it for low light and indoor use. Come to think of it, even overcast outdoor use is kinda crappy. Color accuracy is poor also, everything is bluish. It's a great firewire webcam, which is all I use it for now. I'd hope that these shortcomings are atypical for the mini-DV standard, so stay away from the ZR series. I have seen the ZR20 ans ZR30, both were just as bad as the ZR10.
I don't think the innovation is lacking. Between Sony and Handspring, the features are there. There's just no flair--or a "Ta Da!" to make the product just that much cooler than the competition. Like the new iMac, iBook, or iPod. Seasoned Mac users need that Applesque type of excitement to really get excited about a product. We've been spoiled, I guess. [ 02-14-2002: Message edited by: gordy ]

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