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Why have a big ad campaign now, when they aren't even in stores yet? All in due time...
The users in the Apple Discussions forum did an extensive troubleshooting process, and couldn't tie anything down. I've had the problem on my iMac since the Public Beta. It's hardly an issue on my iBook, but it has hiccuped for a few seconds on occasion.
This is a very common bug. I'm not sure if it's only on 400MHz iMac DV's or not. Look at Apple's support forums for more information. There is no fix/workaround, and I do not believe that Apple has acknowledged the bug even exists.
Yeah...ummm...okay. Good luck with that...
My iBook was a refurb. Other than a slightly crooked trackpad, it works perfectly.
Did you email PBParts? [quote]Can't find what you're looking for? Please email us. We have, or can get, almost anything! mailto:orders@pbparts.com
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[quote]Originally posted by applenut: have fun. if you're buying a tower with the thought of upgrading the processor in the future then you must have money because G4 upgrades are ridiculous and not one has broken 500 yet. wrong reason to buy a tower
I'm not buying the damned thing tomorrow, I said 3 years from now. Are you telling me that there is no upgrade path for Blue & White G3's today? Upgrading is my number one reason for...
I don't care. I'll never buy another all-in-one not upgradeable Mac. My iMac served my well for about 2.5 years. Now it's being sold because I cannot upgrade the processor to keep up with new software. In the next few years, I can upgrade my G4 if necessary. You have to think long-term. Yeah, they're probably comparable today, but this is an investment, not a beauty contest.
No, this will be the beginning of the insanity. Remember when Kormac was vaguely correct about a product release? I'm still waiting for that PDA that plugs into a tablet PC.
"I'll select door number 2, Bob." Man this is so cool. I am a bit perplexed that the low-end model has no Superdrive, but that's okay. EDIT: The 933MHz model can be had for $2,067.00 with the education discount and using a Radeon card instead of the Dual display Nvidia card. [ 01-28-2002: Message edited by: gordy ]

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