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Are there any USB 2 peripherals out now, with Mac drivers? That would be the next headache. Apple has put a lot of work into USB audio, HID and USB mass storage support. Embracing 2.0 means redoing all of this, while realizing that they're possibly hurting FireWire's positioning. Fat chance. 1.1 has a place, 2.0 doesn't. This is one reason why I'm not buying an iMac. And if 2.0 does become a player in the Mac arena, I'll just buy a card for my G4.
I second the vote for Omniweb. I no longer worry about ads and popups.
I read in the MacNN user comments (in yesterday's the Clie article) that someone is syncing his Clie with Palm Desktop for OS X without any problem. If this is true, that 615C is mine.
I just wish Apple would go ahead and release something, so I can rack up a G4 867 and a 17" flat panel for under $3000.
[quote]Originally posted by Fran441: I'm sure there are a ton of people that want a Tablet PC running Windows.
Yea, and when they realize how STOOPID they were, they put it on eBay.
It can be done from the Terminal, but I'm no UNIX geek, so I can't help. Check the OSX tips forums here, at MacNN, MacOSX.org, and at MacFixIt. Also check MacOSXHints.com.
Not true at all. Gates is profit driven, that's it. Absorb the competition and crush those that cannot be assimilated. Steve Jobs is philosophically driven, almost theological. In order for your vision to be fulfilled, you have to be a 'control freak'--but I don't think that's the best way to describe this form of management. The new iMac is the perfect example. There is a philosophy behind this machine that goes beyond the computing experience. Jobs' interest in...
USB and FireWire seem fast enough to me in their current versions for my purposes. I think the monitor and 1024x768 is cool. I have a buyer for my DVSE, and I will see if I can work with my iBook until September--at which point I hope that the iMac has: A larger HD (100GB) A 1GHz processor More RAM But, if it is unberable working on my iBook day-to-day, I'd buy the new iMac immediately.
You did not mention it, but have you removed all external peripherals from the computer? I only had this problem when I had a flaky USB device (probably a hub) plugged in.
I didn't realize how difficult is would be to part with my 1999 DVSE. I have people screaming for it, but I really don't want to give it up. Maybe I'll hold on to it until September (as I originally planned) then maybe I can part with it.
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