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AppleWorks 6.2 has Word translators also.
You guys were wrong for that I'd be so pissed if we got flamed like that. You do remember what happenned the last time we got flamed? Who is Radio Head?
Well I miss it to, and this is how I used it: I'd have my Mac wake up everyday at 4:30. Then, I'd have a schedule in OutlookExpress set to check my email at 4:35 every day. When I got home around 5, my email was already downloaded. This one missing feature has added at least 20 minutes to my daily 'after work' routine.
Well, I hope you're wrong. In the absence of better judgement, I have already bought an Apple Studio display and sold my iMac because I am anticipating an entry level G4 with iDVD/SuperDrive being released any day now. I guess that I could go ahead and buy something now, but I'd be pissed if I did that and something else was released the next day.
Bring it on Apple... I was prepared to pay 2200 for the 867 MHz model, but if I can get it for less in a few days, then I will wait. I'll never buy another iMac. The expandability issue just killed it for me this time around. There will be no regrets after I sell my DVSE.
Willow [Buffy the Vampire Slayer] has the new iBook, and a tangerine iMac in her dorm room. Maybe she'll get the new iMac too.
Please, everyone write to microsoft.atr@usdoj.gov and express you concerns.
I doubt the PowerBook G4 will ever change. Did the G3? There was one early one that had the same case as the 3400, but once WallStreet came out the form didn't change at all.
Are there any USB 2 peripherals out now, with Mac drivers? That would be the next headache. Apple has put a lot of work into USB audio, HID and USB mass storage support. Embracing 2.0 means redoing all of this, while realizing that they're possibly hurting FireWire's positioning. Fat chance. 1.1 has a place, 2.0 doesn't. This is one reason why I'm not buying an iMac. And if 2.0 does become a player in the Mac arena, I'll just buy a card for my G4.
I second the vote for Omniweb. I no longer worry about ads and popups.
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