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Looks like mine made it out of the factory before the hoo-haa started.  It should be here Friday.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the early adopters for installing iOS 6 on a perfectly good phone and supplying feedback.   I'm good.
  The part about waiting in line.  I did it with the iPhone 3G and swore to never do it again.  In Atlanta, that meant arriving well before opening, like 6:30 AM, and I was like 30th in line.
I'm a 9/28er, but I can wait, again.   There will be plenty of Galaxy S III's for the folks that despise waiting.  Just saying.
Considering you can get cables from places like Meritline for around $1, an 84% increase isn’t saying much IMO.
  Well, Apple's the largest company in the world now, so every move--or rumors of moves--will be mainstream news.
If the rumor is true, I'd definitely buy one.  The iPad is great, but it gets a little heavy during long sessions.  With a retina display, legibility would not be an issue for me.
  Exactly.  Rational people will make a rational choice, but I think the timing is squarely focused on people who do not like the iPhone, and now they have fodder for their flaimbait next week after the announcement.
The 9/12 date was rumored for a long time.  I think this was planned with the iPhone announcement in mind--of course, to attract Apple-haters with a fresh alternative.  Kinda smart.
Until the Fall TV season kicks off, this is entertainment!
New Posts  All Forums: