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While I think it is pointless to criticize Apple’s decision to use the lightning connector, I was pissed that even Apple was not able to provide adapters or other accessories on launch day—this just exasperates the knock-off issue.  Soon, other unapproved accessories (docks, car chargers, etc.) will come to market, and Apple may be scrambling to play catch-up.  Since analog audio-out is on the bottom of the iPhone 5, and power via Lightning was reverse engineered, a dock...
While google is responsible for the mapping tech, this UI is all Apple (apparently).  Regarding the accuracy of iOS 6 Maps, I haven't had an issue with it.
3 years from now, like FireWire was orphaned back in the day, the 30 pin connector may not be supported in iOS.  At that time, the iPhone 5 will be the budget iPhone, and this iPad will take the place of the iPad 2 as the budget iPad.  I think the goal was to move everything iOS related to Lightning, so that they can start phasing out the 30-pin connector in their planning.
I could be coerced into buying a new Mac mini.
Why not colors like with the iPods? I'd be moved to buy one if it had color options, but as is I'll stick with my iPad 2. This is still a rumor, right? I forget as I scan through the headlines here.
Granted, I live in Metro Atlanta, but the new Maps--as compared to the old Maps app--works identically for me.  I hardly used street view before.  Turn by turn directions with Siri integration has replaced Waze for GPS features.    @mstone: I said "give me directions to 123 main street, atlanta georgia."  Siri understood and transferred me to Maps for navigation.  No fuss, no muss.
Docks are played out.  Back in the PalmPilot days, docks were in.  Now, they are unecessarily cumbersome, and one more thing on my nightstand.  Just plug the thing in.    #pass
lol, I'll tell u Thursday.
Looks like mine made it out of the factory before the hoo-haa started.  It should be here Friday.
I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the early adopters for installing iOS 6 on a perfectly good phone and supplying feedback.   I'm good.
New Posts  All Forums: