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I thought about the new iMac overnight. I'm going to have a pretty good birthday this year--hell, I have a pretty good birthday every year because I keep buying Macs. iPhoto must be Cocoa. It is so slow on my 400MHz DVSE. EDIT: I just thought of something. By September--when I will be buying--this iMac should be close to a 1GHz G4 Processor. Cool. [ 01-08-2002: Message edited by: gordy ]

Hmm, I thought I would be lacking when I sat in front of my DV SE this afternoon. But I'm not. The new iMac is cool, but I do not feel compelled to purchase one to replace my 1999, 400MHz DVSE--though I was prepared to. I'm still only interested in an entry-level professional Mac. I will purchase that either later this year or next year.
How large would a 14" iBook have to be? The coolest part about my iBook is that I can throw it in anything that will hold a notebook, textbook, aor anything elst approx 8 1/2" x 11". Wouldn't a 14" screen discard that functionality?
Maccentral usually does updates every 3 minutes throughout the keynote, I'll be checking there.
Nah, if that was the case it wouldn't be in the third space after iPhoto and Time magazine. That page is bogus IMHO.
I doubt it's fake. Time is a reputable publication, and Apple did well to have a 6 page article [ad] in Time for the new iMac.
According to the 'questionable' Apple home page ALT tags, the Pro Speakers provide sound.
I don't think the iMac was ever intended to be a show-closer. I think this would be the kick-off to the 2.5 hour presentation. There's still something in the wings, methinks.
Man, that iMac is pretty nice. I might have to sell my old faithful DVSE this year. But I hope that's not it. The iMac was probably the show opener anyway, since everyone expected a flat panel iMac. There's got to be more.
[quote]Originally posted by Macintosh: I beg to differ, the iMac did indeed change the course of history.
I concur. While I agree that some cynicism should be given to this media hype, I think we can all plan on being impressed by what is being announced in 3 days. Apple is a leader in the home computing arena, by my measure, and I'm sure whatever they unfold Monday will be replicated throughout the industry over the next 12...
New Posts  All Forums: