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[quote]Originally posted by FormerLurker: Redeye seems like a primitive fill bucket tool at times, and I really miss even a simple AutoLevels command from Photoshop. Mebbe it can be AppleScripted in, when Adobe finally ships for X. Looks like I'm still going to have to run Classic to edit photos. But, I like the crop constrained function, the slide show, and all the export functions. Basic color/contrast corrections in Version 2, maybe... like the EQ in iTunes 2...
Hell, who needs to order an Album for 30 bucks? That's why I bought a decent printer. I printed an album last night of some film images that Wolf camera saved to Kodak Picture CD. The sharpness wasn't that great, and I'm not sure if that's because the Picture CD images are not sharp of if iPhoto downsampled the images. Does anyone know? I'll try out my digital camera photos tonight, then I'll know for sure. I think this is a great app--albeit slow. I stayed up until...
I've been using the Toast previews with no problems since 10.0. I'm sure this final version is great.
I thought Toast (OSX Preview) had a PhotoCD option, but it doesn't. Is there an app with this capability?
Hey, that's a pretty cool iDea. I'm surprised Apple didn't incorporate that--especially considering the benefits of a portrait display in the publishing arena.
Apple: They've been "working on it for 2 years". Read: "Hey, this is the cube without the expandability."
I thought about the new iMac overnight. I'm going to have a pretty good birthday this year--hell, I have a pretty good birthday every year because I keep buying Macs. iPhoto must be Cocoa. It is so slow on my 400MHz DVSE. EDIT: I just thought of something. By September--when I will be buying--this iMac should be close to a 1GHz G4 Processor. Cool. [ 01-08-2002: Message edited by: gordy ]

Hmm, I thought I would be lacking when I sat in front of my DV SE this afternoon. But I'm not. The new iMac is cool, but I do not feel compelled to purchase one to replace my 1999, 400MHz DVSE--though I was prepared to. I'm still only interested in an entry-level professional Mac. I will purchase that either later this year or next year.
How large would a 14" iBook have to be? The coolest part about my iBook is that I can throw it in anything that will hold a notebook, textbook, aor anything elst approx 8 1/2" x 11". Wouldn't a 14" screen discard that functionality?
Maccentral usually does updates every 3 minutes throughout the keynote, I'll be checking there.
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