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Nah, if that was the case it wouldn't be in the third space after iPhoto and Time magazine. That page is bogus IMHO.
I doubt it's fake. Time is a reputable publication, and Apple did well to have a 6 page article [ad] in Time for the new iMac.
According to the 'questionable' Apple home page ALT tags, the Pro Speakers provide sound.
I don't think the iMac was ever intended to be a show-closer. I think this would be the kick-off to the 2.5 hour presentation. There's still something in the wings, methinks.
Man, that iMac is pretty nice. I might have to sell my old faithful DVSE this year. But I hope that's not it. The iMac was probably the show opener anyway, since everyone expected a flat panel iMac. There's got to be more.
[quote]Originally posted by Macintosh: I beg to differ, the iMac did indeed change the course of history.
I concur. While I agree that some cynicism should be given to this media hype, I think we can all plan on being impressed by what is being announced in 3 days. Apple is a leader in the home computing arena, by my measure, and I'm sure whatever they unfold Monday will be replicated throughout the industry over the next 12...
That was a good one. Had me for about 2 seconds
Well, you guys have finally turned me. I still don't see the non-moving text, nor do I feel that the finger/jog dial evidence is conclusive. But I do not believe we will see Steve Jobs hold this device up on Monday. Apple's designs are always clean and streamlined--e.g. nothing bulges. That dial thingy with the chrome logo sticks out, and just doesn't look like anything "Apple" but the old G4/iBook power adapter. Maybe it's real, but just a prototype?
This sh!t looks real to me. I just downloaded the movies from spymac. I'm sure Fran is somewhere crying right now... EDIT: Now I've looked at all of the movies and I'm convinced, man I can't wait... [ 01-03-2002: Message edited by: gordy ]

Question: Why would Apple replace they're best selling computer ever with the worst selling computer ever? For all of the reasons npoted above, the iMac redux will not be a G4 Cube redux.
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