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Depends on the context: Personal favorite: The Matrix Best movies for a group of [my] friends: Woo The Player's Club "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything" -- Julie Newmar Best movie with a serious subject matter: The Color Purple Best animated films: Chicken Run The Lion King
1280x1024 on a 17" monitor (probably 16" viewable) is ideal for me.
Here's a few more from my Buy.com wishlist:USB TRI-MEDIA READER FOR FLOPPY DISKS/SMART MEDIA/COMPACT FLASH Sony 4 watt Personal Travel Speakers with Pivoting Tweeters SRS-T77 Star Wars Episode I-Phantom Menace DVD
I have one:GigaWire
The PowerMate is sweet, but 45 bucks? I bought the FlyLight when it first came out, and haven't used it yet in any practical application. I see they have a Platinum version now. My recommendations would be: Keyspan Digital Media Remote: Though it's getting a little long in the tooth, with that whole translucent ice...
>>>INTERNET<<< web browser - Omniweb / IE5 email - Mail.app / Omniweb ftp - Omniweb / IE html editor - BBEdit Lite telnet/ssh client - ? >>>TEXT/DOCUMENT<<< text editor - TextEdit / BBEdit Lite word processor - AppleWorks / WordPerfect (I can't help myself) document design/publishing - Photoshop Elements / Graphic Convertor PDF viewer - Acrobat Reader / Preview >>>MULTIMEDIA<<< mp3 encoder/ripper - iTunes mp3 player -...
[quote]Originally posted by Fran441: Plus, you have to imagine all of the disks they gave out for FREE at the Apple Retail Stores.
I needed to show proof of purchase before I got an upgrade CD. Nontheless, I wish this 'tip' hadn't received as much attention as it has.
I downloaded MacJanitor from VersionTracker to take care of the daily, weekly, and monthly UNIX maintenance, since my Macs usually sleep when not being used.
A chrome Apple logo? Please say it ain't so...
[It's just awful when a decent topic gets bogged down with unecessary drama...] Back on topic, many have long held that the name 'iPod' implied it's general functionality. I'm waiting for Rev. 2, because I think that it will have better features, and be better suited for future capabilities--whatever they may be. [ 12-10-2001: Message edited by: gordy ]

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