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oooh, they're in trouble...
Hmm, I was able to download hacked firmware for my DVD player, which removed macrovision, and made my player region free. I even added a custom background picture. www.nerd-out.com/forum/
If you could buy her software that could mount Mac volumes on her PC, she could use the iPod in FireWire Disk mode. Windows doesn't recognize the Mac OS' hidden folders, so she'd just have to navigate to the apporpriate folder and swap MP3's. Or...you could buy her a Mac.
Kate, that is the coolest thing I've seen this year. There's no way in hell Apple will top that! --Discussion closed.
At school, I used the Apple IIe and IIgs. My first real computer was a Mac LC back in 1993.
I'd never switch back to that gray, antiquated OS. Classic works in a pinch, but I no longer need to startup in OS 9. When Photoshop moves, I won't even need Classic.
ThinkSecret has different pics of the same features, so I'm inclined to believe they're real. However, I sure wish that scheduled wake and sleep are implemented soon. EDIT: One more thing, these screenshots seem to have appeared on DSL Reports first, but AI contends that the pics were taken by themselves. Hmmm. [ 12-20-2001: Message edited by: gordy ]

I'm not sure what the right specs should be, but this just seems excessive--especially when one's MP3's are already stored on their home computer.
[This question has bugged me since Mac OS X' release.] Let's say that I do not need Classic, what gains would I have if I reinstalled OS X on UFS? I have read that UFS is case sensitive, and that Classic won't run on UFS ('Universal File System', I think), but there must be some reason why UFS is an option, right? So, can any Genius tell us the real differences between the two? What are the advantages to going to UFS for OS X? I only ask because I now go weeks without...
[quote]Originally posted by starfleetX: ...I'm certainly no expert here, but I am quite sure that this is the opposite of what a PDF really is. I thought PDFs were files that containing vectored data, not bitmapped graphics...
That was certainly my understanding. While PDF's can obviously contain bitmapped data, it is more of a vector-based format.
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