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That was a good one. Had me for about 2 seconds
Well, you guys have finally turned me. I still don't see the non-moving text, nor do I feel that the finger/jog dial evidence is conclusive. But I do not believe we will see Steve Jobs hold this device up on Monday. Apple's designs are always clean and streamlined--e.g. nothing bulges. That dial thingy with the chrome logo sticks out, and just doesn't look like anything "Apple" but the old G4/iBook power adapter. Maybe it's real, but just a prototype?
This sh!t looks real to me. I just downloaded the movies from spymac. I'm sure Fran is somewhere crying right now... EDIT: Now I've looked at all of the movies and I'm convinced, man I can't wait... [ 01-03-2002: Message edited by: gordy ]

Question: Why would Apple replace they're best selling computer ever with the worst selling computer ever? For all of the reasons npoted above, the iMac redux will not be a G4 Cube redux.
oooh, they're in trouble...
Hmm, I was able to download hacked firmware for my DVD player, which removed macrovision, and made my player region free. I even added a custom background picture. www.nerd-out.com/forum/
If you could buy her software that could mount Mac volumes on her PC, she could use the iPod in FireWire Disk mode. Windows doesn't recognize the Mac OS' hidden folders, so she'd just have to navigate to the apporpriate folder and swap MP3's. Or...you could buy her a Mac.
Kate, that is the coolest thing I've seen this year. There's no way in hell Apple will top that! --Discussion closed.
At school, I used the Apple IIe and IIgs. My first real computer was a Mac LC back in 1993.
I'd never switch back to that gray, antiquated OS. Classic works in a pinch, but I no longer need to startup in OS 9. When Photoshop moves, I won't even need Classic.
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