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I'm not sure what the right specs should be, but this just seems excessive--especially when one's MP3's are already stored on their home computer.
[This question has bugged me since Mac OS X' release.] Let's say that I do not need Classic, what gains would I have if I reinstalled OS X on UFS? I have read that UFS is case sensitive, and that Classic won't run on UFS ('Universal File System', I think), but there must be some reason why UFS is an option, right? So, can any Genius tell us the real differences between the two? What are the advantages to going to UFS for OS X? I only ask because I now go weeks without...
[quote]Originally posted by starfleetX: ...I'm certainly no expert here, but I am quite sure that this is the opposite of what a PDF really is. I thought PDFs were files that containing vectored data, not bitmapped graphics...
That was certainly my understanding. While PDF's can obviously contain bitmapped data, it is more of a vector-based format.
[quote]Originally posted by yablaka: doggone! looks like it's going to be one cool app when I start to install; then it has to go and spoil it by wanting a valid user name and serial number to continue...
They should email it to you, it's free. My serial # was in my email as soon as the app finished downloading.
SparkME is pretty cool.
http://www.bingsoftware.com/ However, if you have an iMac, the internal modem is not voice capable.
My iMac is truly my digital hub. I seldom open my iBook--it's used to meet with clients and for presentations primarily. But my DVSE? Please, this machine is awesome. It serves it's purpose (see pscates' list) extremely well, and will for some time. However, I won't buy another one. I will buy entry-level Porfessional grade Macs from now on, just so I don't have to worry about upgrading as much. I'll be bummed when the iMac hits 1GHz, and I'm chugging along at...
[quote]Originally posted by torifile: ...a belt clip is too geeky. I know I wouldn't want one on my iPod.
Me either. A drop-in case would do, but I wouldn't want to walk around, sit, jog, or anything else with a $400 device dangling to my side.
[quote]Originally posted by jutus: I have the 8x smartdisk VST cd-rw that came with my powerbook G4, and it's pretty sweet. So nice to get power over the firewire port.
I placed my order for this drive today. To rebut EmAn's claim, speed is not the only issue. You have to also consider usage, space, style, cost, OS X support, etc... I chose the SmartDisk for the bus power, small size, style, and portability with my iBook. I had a QPS...
Make sure Internet Explorer is set as the default browser in your Internet Control Panel. There may be something in Outlook Express' preferences under 'File Helpers', that could need to be set to IE too.
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