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I installed it last night, with problems. It seems that when I tried to installed in on my startup volume, a file called 'Big System Morsels' would screw up. So, I installed it on my other partition, then started up from there, and installed it on the first partition. Good luck.
Well I think a removable HD is way off-target. I have no need for such a feature. I hope Apple looks at Iomega's Peerless sales (lackluster at best) while considering whether this is a worthwhile feature. But, I won't buy another iMac anyway. Nevermind. ( [Chilling] .02)
It appears that your cousin looks to you to gague how cool his computer is. We all know that a 500-700MHz iMac will take a 10 year old through Middle School easily, so the only issue is how it will be perceived by you. Tell him it's cool and he'll be fine. As far as the pie-in-the-sky iMac that always seems to be right around the corner, I wouldn't think about it too much. Even if something new was announced in January, it wouldn't be in stores until February, and...
[quote]Originally posted by Junkyard Dawg: Expectations based on rumors.
Hmm. It happens every year. Steve should be used to it by now.
It's OS X exclusive. WMP 7 is the last version for 9.
I had problems with a DVD (roll-overs out of place, merely cosmetic), but a restart fixed it.
OS X, in general, is not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Not necessarily because Apple has made it great, but because of Shareware authors that brought the most needed functionality back (WindowShade X, ClassicMenu, Application Menu, Themes, etc.), and because of me learning AppleScript. Apple made OS X wonderfully, and it is exactly what they wanted it to be. However, my desktop looks just like my OS 9 desktop now--just 10 times more powerful. Yesterday, I...
[quote]Originally posted by pscates: Another thing, I don't like the look of a black women with long straight [...yadda yadda yadda...]
Damn, you're kinda harsh on J. It's a bit insulting to say she's "Britney-like" when Janet's being doing her thing for 15+ years, ya know? Where will ol' Brit be 15 years from now--can you say...TIFFANY? Anyway, here's another pic, the hair's curlier now.
I visited the suggestions forum to request the same thing. It is difficult to read the topic headings because the color of the links is so close to the background color. I'm only 29, hopefully my eyesight isn't failing me yet.
Miss Jackson, of course!
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