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Make sure Internet Explorer is set as the default browser in your Internet Control Panel. There may be something in Outlook Express' preferences under 'File Helpers', that could need to be set to IE too.
iMovie has gone the route of most Apple products (iTunes, iDVD, FCP, iMac, iBook, etc.). It's was good at its inception, and nearly perfect after the second generation. All Apple can do now is make it faster, and work out whatever kinks still exist.
[quote]Originally posted by Mediaman: OOOH! I'm all dizzy and confused... :confused:
It's not that difficult: Outlook = Microsoft Exchange Email Client (Mac & Windows) Outlook Express = Free Email Client (Mac & Windows)
Also remove all peripherals--both internal and external. Add them back one by one to isolate the culprit. I had this problem with an iMac and this was Apple's troubleshooting process. It worked. BTW, it's not related to the battery, I don't think.
Depends on the context: Personal favorite: The Matrix Best movies for a group of [my] friends: Woo The Player's Club "To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything" -- Julie Newmar Best movie with a serious subject matter: The Color Purple Best animated films: Chicken Run The Lion King
1280x1024 on a 17" monitor (probably 16" viewable) is ideal for me.
Here's a few more from my Buy.com wishlist:USB TRI-MEDIA READER FOR FLOPPY DISKS/SMART MEDIA/COMPACT FLASH Sony 4 watt Personal Travel Speakers with Pivoting Tweeters SRS-T77 Star Wars Episode I-Phantom Menace DVD
I have one:GigaWire
The PowerMate is sweet, but 45 bucks? I bought the FlyLight when it first came out, and haven't used it yet in any practical application. I see they have a Platinum version now. My recommendations would be: Keyspan Digital Media Remote: Though it's getting a little long in the tooth, with that whole translucent ice...
>>>INTERNET<<< web browser - Omniweb / IE5 email - Mail.app / Omniweb ftp - Omniweb / IE html editor - BBEdit Lite telnet/ssh client - ? >>>TEXT/DOCUMENT<<< text editor - TextEdit / BBEdit Lite word processor - AppleWorks / WordPerfect (I can't help myself) document design/publishing - Photoshop Elements / Graphic Convertor PDF viewer - Acrobat Reader / Preview >>>MULTIMEDIA<<< mp3 encoder/ripper - iTunes mp3 player -...
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