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My apprehension to buy is not based on whether I liked it after playing with it. I thought it was cooler in person than on the web. I mean, it's really the size of a deck of cards, smaller than a Rio 600 even. Rather, my apprehension is because after looking at it closely I started seeing the future potential of this device. This device could mirror iTunes, Image Capture, and QuickTime Player easily. I think my $400 bucks will be better spent a few months from now, so...
I don't like LCD monitors. It's okay on my ibook, but I'm not doing major work on it. My iMac replacement will be a G4 (G5?) and I'll be looking for the discontinued clear 17" CRT. I don't like how sensitive LCD's are to viewing angles, it makes editing Photos very difficult.
[quote]Originally posted by AlbertWu: whats a dingleberry? :confused:
You don't wanna know...
Have you tried setting the window size, closing the window, and selecting 'New Window'? That's how it's done in the Finder.
Dude...YOU DELETED THEM!!! Unless you changed the default, iTunes saved the MP3's to the users ~\\Documents\\iTunes folder. If you just deleted the user's folder, you deleted the MP3's. Sorry...
It was a cool feeling hitting 100, 200, 500, and 2000 posts. It'll be interesting to see if I'll see those numbers again.
Certain things arent' required in Classic, so, open the Extensions Manager and select the Base set of extension and your printer drivers, if needed. Also disable Apple Guide. That should seriously speed up the launch time.
I am using OS X exclusively on my iMac (1999) and iBook (2001). I was only using Classic for support of my Epson printer. Well, now that Epson has come around, I don't even need Classic! I'm even considering Office v.X, but AppleWorks is fine for now.
I went to the Cincinnati Apple Store last weekend, and I played with the iPod. I had previously stated that I would buy one, but now I don't know. Hell, I might, but after seeing one up close the glamour has faded a little.
I liked the Newton (I bought the first one), but I really think that it is done. Apple can't really add anything to a PDA that isn't already available. That's what they seem to like doing--giving their devices an extra edge over the competition. There isn't really any ground left for a PDA. The OS, features, and form factors are pretty competitive. However, fran411, I first read this topic back in 1999. I admire your tenacity and devotion to such a cool device.
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