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Considering you can get cables from places like Meritline for around $1, an 84% increase isn’t saying much IMO.
  Well, Apple's the largest company in the world now, so every move--or rumors of moves--will be mainstream news.
If the rumor is true, I'd definitely buy one.  The iPad is great, but it gets a little heavy during long sessions.  With a retina display, legibility would not be an issue for me.
  Exactly.  Rational people will make a rational choice, but I think the timing is squarely focused on people who do not like the iPhone, and now they have fodder for their flaimbait next week after the announcement.
The 9/12 date was rumored for a long time.  I think this was planned with the iPhone announcement in mind--of course, to attract Apple-haters with a fresh alternative.  Kinda smart.
Until the Fall TV season kicks off, this is entertainment!
It's funny that they have not shown any of their own "prior art."
  Considering the Samsung drama, Apple may just give them a slap on the wrist.
Finally!  This case has made it to trial.  Where’s my popcorn?
According to Dealmac, you can pay for this through your iTunes account, so I assume that Apple gets their standard cut for people who subscribe that way.  I hope this is a precursor to a full-blown app store for ATV.
New Posts  All Forums: