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This will sell like my namesake..... Poorly.
I like this game. So whenever company or a representative from a company says x, the opposite is in fact true?Does this same logic apply to Apple and Tim cook when he says we shouldn't take notice of dwindling orders from component suppliers and the real truth is things are bad for the iPhone? When he says things are a sideshow they in fact aren't?I'm guessing no.We either listen to and trust what these high level executives are saying or its all bull. Which is it and does...
DOOMED! DOA!   One analyst said so. 
Have AI jumped the gun here? "The invalidation of the patent would cause considerable consternation for Apple when it comes to its $1.049 billion infringement win over Samsung — so much so that the Samsung brought the decision to the attention of Judge Lucy Koh in a court filing today — but that critical step of invalidating the patent hasn't actually happened...
No Android version? (sarcasm)
Been looking around the Dell Italy website and it seems it doesn't.   http://www1.euro.dell.com/content/topics/topic.aspx/emea/topics/footer/terms?c=it&l=it&s=gen   (Google translated) Dell warrants that the Products are: (i) conform to the description of the Product, (ii) be free from material defects for a period of one year from the date of delivery (Base Warranty Service), and (iii) the parts Dell are free of any defects for a period of ninety calendar days from the...
Calm down with the profanity! I know some people get passionate about this tech stuff but it isn't worth blowing a fuse over. For the record (in my experience), Nokia/Navteq have provided the best mapping solutions I've ever used and the services Nokia offer beat anything Google does on Android any day (Nokia Maps is a massive draw to me and my next phone will most likely be a Lumia 920 because of that).Google maps gets things wrong. Its far from perfect and has issues...
Fake addresses or noi, I'll have much more faith in Nokia's Navteq (which finds this "fake" address) over anything apple is pushing.Its surprising to see all these other mapping companies have it wrong.
It is a failure if your competitors can find it and your solution is lacking isn't it? Look above.
Bing Maps can find it.     Nokia Maps can find it.     We all know Google Maps can find it.   And somehow this doesn't expose a deficiency with Apple's Maps at all? Why can't Apple's mapping solution find it if its competitors can?
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