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That's great and all but the "retina" version of all phone apps would also display fine if they didn't run the 320 pixel version on my iPad 2, as can be done with jail broken iPads.The pessimistic side of me says the iPad runs the low res versions to entice people to buy the "HD" version.Making phone apps look intentionally bad on non retina iPads does suck.
  I can't say I have a single phone game that doesn't scale perfectly with my Nexus 7. All of the below were bought on my Phone and all work without "tablet optimised" special versions that would require a separate purchase. A selection of some below:                Universal apps on iOS are super cool but am not a fan of sd and HD versions of the same app. I also openly agree there must be apps that scale like crap on the Nexus or are purely broken.
    Angry birds phone version on Nexus 7. Click to enlarge     Angry birds phone version on iPad 2 Click to enlarge     Example of scaling.     Total fud, You are right! /s
So if you invent, then patent something which eventually ends up being an "essential" standard, you no longer have a right to your important work in the new standard in the first place?Without all of the hard work that Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Ericsson et;al put into many "essential" standards which are now licenced, we wouldn't have the excellent products we have today.
As long as the best outcome for consumers is met, I could care less about whoever may be a monopolist or who colluded. Consumer first.
Oh I know that, just commenting that other OS's are already using similar algorithms. It actually works well for Windows Phone.
Windows Phone already has this.http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/news/features/wp7keyboard-042811.aspx
The answer to this is surprisingly simple.   With the launch of the Kindle fire (which is not officially an Android device with its forked OS), the Amazon appstore is in breech of this Android trademark:   http://developer.android.com/distribute/googleplay/promote/brand.html   The Amazon Appstore is no longer "for Android" only.
Total hogwash Gabe! After the immediate success of the Metro interface on the smartphone, Microsoft will continue to build upon the success of Metro by shoving it down Windows 8 users throats. This ethos continues on from the success of forcing people into Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and the worldwide popular Comic Sans MS font.
I guess that's the cost of being "not cool".
New Posts  All Forums: