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Let me guess, the AI consensus will be that the judge made the right decision on the patent that Samsung does infringe, but he's also inept for his decision on this one?
Been using Android since around 2007, not one instance of Malware on any of my devices. With a little bit of intelligence on where you source your apps, the kind of apps you install and checking out app permissions, you can easily avoid any trouble. Some many need someone else to wipe their bottoms and that's cool, I'm big enough, clever enough and ugly enough to wipe my own thanks.
Why does the Galaxy Tab have a different button layout to the one released in the Apple documents? I've not seen one with that layout so far, looks odd.
Google's closed source components aren't open and are subject to Google approval for certification? Say it ain't so! http://source.android.com/ <--------- This is the open bit here.
But apple aren't interested in marketshare or the "race to the bottom" (or so I'm told). Are we now saying the low end of the Market matters? The flip flopping by cheerleaders is amazing.
So what's changed since this? I bet we haven't seen the end of Apple playing the numbers game.
Pretty obvious to me.
How have I proven his point? To me it seems he/she was working on the basis that Android handsets are given away for absolutely nothing and are unprofitable. HTC is one such company that has had massive success, fueled by sales of its Android based hardware. What are you after, the profitability of Google and Android OS or OEMS and Android OS? The problems with statistics/metrics is that they can all be skewed to show different things. One Analyst went so far as to wanting...
Heres is one profit announcement: http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/...7371GE20110408EDIT:Out of interest, can you (or one of the above) please point me in the direction where this hardware is given away scot free? (Not free hardware that is subsidised by a service plan, just the 100% free phones). I want in on the action.Thanks.
New Posts  All Forums: