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Are people here really that uneducated when it comes to the monetisation of Android?Lesson:Android at the source is free. It costs nothing to compile and distribute Gningerbread to every manufacturer, this is true.Now we come into the realm of monetization of Android with the closed source components (Google apps). This is what caused Google to isue a C&D on the team at CyanogenMod who were distributing ROMS with the non-open Google apps without a licence to do...
If Apple isn't involved in that "fight", why does Jobs insist on mentioning Android in keynotes and fiscal reports? When Jobs started ranting about "twitterdeck" and using misquotes from Samsung to bolster up his keynotes, that shows us that the "fight" is very much on and that he feels the need to bash the competition.
I own and invest (quite happily might I add) in Apple hardware and software. I also invest in Apple's competitors products which is why I vest an interest in articles like this. If there is a rule stating that one must have an allegiance to Apple and only Apple, please direct me to it and I will never post again. Thanks.
Google must be crazy for doing a Tablet and Smartphone OS seperatly mustn't they? What sort of idiotic company would put out two OS's with the intention of merging them into a single release at a latter date? Oh, hang on Apple already did that with the release of iOS 4.3 on iPhone and iPad. Mustbe good then! The next revision of Android will be merging both the tablet optimized version and the smartphone version into a single release fyi. As someone proclaiming that...
http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?s...10122054409107 This was a good (but lengthy) read on the recent revelations over this (alleged) infringement. This thread has been fascinating too.
Oops. No they didn't.http://m.zdnet.com/blog/burnette/oop...n-android/2162
Out of interest, why did you link to a completely different game when you responded to me earlier? You come across as someone who is taking this personally.
ROFL no! Was/is he a member here then? I know who you are on about tho as he is on nearly every Engadget article posting. He is defiantly dedicated to the Android cause tho with what I've seen from him. I'm only posting for the discussion. I was lead to the article after reading it from Google News and with its inaccuracies I thought I'd join in on the discussion.No malice intended!Having a read around, this seems like a decent Mac community.If you'd taken the time to...
Gameloft sell Asphalt 5 on Android market which is only 9mb in size but it downloads all assets once the title is launched on the sd card. Once all assets are downloaded it is over 100mb in size and looks just like its iOS counterpart. As the installer for Sandstorm is only 10mb it could be distributed on Android Market with the following 200mb downloaded to the SD card afterwards. EA have done the same with FIFA10 and will undoubtedly do the same with Need for Speed:...
How so? Textures/Sounds and the like are downloaded onto the sd card after the first launch and are not "very lossy compressed". ExZeus has around 57MB worth of game assets and some of the gameloft games are over 300MB in size once installed. Have you any experience on the platform or with these games to make these assumptions?
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