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http://************/2012/07/17/motorola-xoom-does-not-violate-ipad-design-patent-rules-german-court/#FIdf5eRDqMlxZiw5.99[#FAIL----WTF - You can't link to 9to5mac here? #DOUBLEFAIL #SOINTENSE
Once the iPhone lull is over (come iPhone 5) I'm sure iOS will see some significant growth again. We're in Galaxy S III territory for now. With staggered high end released from Apple and Samsung this seems par for the course. I would like to finish with a LOL at Microsoft and Nokia. Smartphone beta test is over boys.
I'm not......cool? :(
I love it. Good old AppleInsider members telling us how it should be. I know what, how about becoming a great man/woman such as Posner so people actually take note of what you say instead of taking part of the eternal forum circle jerk?
Wait.... What happened to the billions of dollars worth of Motorola patents?
As an Android user I still say this: Good riddance. Flash is a plague on Android browsers. Glad to see it finally squashed. Open standards, not proprietary plugins. Next on my death wishlist is Silverlight.
DAYM! Someone pulled a Ballmer.
I hope they can turn the colossal clusterfrack around for the sake of the employees. Apple sideswiped RIM hard.
Phew!   Thank god an Analyst has chimed in. They're always right! 
What professional basis is your claim made under?
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