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You read the headline and still came in to complain? What did you expect to find in this article, Unicorns and puppies?Wow.
The post was not aimed at you but as your replied, do you care to share your experiences with faulty SD slots or cards or yourself ham fistedly breaking memory expansion in modern smartphones?I assume your response is because your experience is different than mine.You are quite the knight in shining armor aren't you!?
You may call it narcissistic but I'd guess they're here to refute dense posts such as yours.Samsung managed to put a 2100mah battery in the Galaxy S III AND an SD card slot. It seems in no way did the inclusion of the SD slot affected them getting a substantial battery in the thing.Secondly your "data loss" post is absurd. If the SD slot goes bad, it would have no impact on the data on the SD card and would be readable in any micro SD reader. If the SD card goes bad then...
All without the aid of the Galaxy S III. Also: MEGALOL @ Nokia. Owned by Samsung and ├╝bercool newcomer Apple. Let's see what further damage Microsoft Trojan Elop can do with their WP7 suicide.
It'd be beneficial of the German taxpayer if Apple paid up for the patents they have infringed upon. Go on Apple, stop costing the German taxpayer thanks to your theft of others I.P. #itcanbespunbothways.
But I was under the impression that the smartphone beta test was over? /s
Windows phones don't use Samsung components? Interesting....http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/HTC-S...eardown/4469/2First example of a non-Samsung Windows phone using A Samsung component
This is good news. Nice to see a win for the consumer. AT&T's throttling practices with their grandfathered unlimited users is BS and ruins the unlimited aspect of it. Who wants an unlimited supply of slow internet speeds?
What are you on about? I subscribe to many tech related RSS feeds, including various Apple themed news sites because the company (Apple) and dynamics of the tech scene interest me. I'm also an apple consumer.I clicked on this article because of the misleading title which in turn read like click bait, hence my post.Nowhere did I mention Android in my post. Let me guess, my user name immediately angered you?Wipe those tears from your eyes and utilize the ignore feature if...
Apple's iOS passes Android, accounts for 35% of mobile ad impressions* *in North America Couldn't have clarified the North America part in the title no? \
New Posts  All Forums: