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The uppermost one with the protruding side bezel and front facing speakers is the modified "N" model.
I was under the impression it was under injunction because of an E.U. community design violation? What EU patents does it infringe on in Germany exactly?
Considering the lack of any new iOS powered handsets in Q3, Apple did well IMO. Android (as an OS) has some stiff competition with Nokia finally jumping on the WP7 train and Apple's seemingly dominating 4s pushing things forward for iOS.Q3 is what it is. It shouldn't be dismissed just because it was a loss in Q3 for Apple. Apple decided to delay their traditional summer release and this was the result.
Surely you mean "But is it faster for games than the PowerVR SGX543MP2"? That's what's pushing those polygons.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VaporwareNope.Nope.Nope. I've never understood the obsession with calling pre-announced products "Vapor". It screams of people with their head in the sand or acting like a child with its eyes shut and fingers in its ears screaming to try to ignore what is happening. Kal-El is due out in December. It's very much real.
Is this the same company that ended up with a default over the Motorola case? No wonder they missed that one, they were too busy with this.
Why did you assume this? I was talking about the suspension of the order.We've gone from Motorla getting a symbolic win which Apple supposedly let happen (because they can never get things wrong amirite?) from Nilay to Apple likely getting a suspension of the order which makes the initial symbolic win talk a few days ago nonsense. Apple centric sites immediately sided with Nilay's stance despite Florian's writing on the matter. Florian is normally hounded by the Android...
Wasn't the win a pointless one the other day according to DED? (I see the original article has been updated to remove that notion.) So we've gone from non-issue to "Apple will likely get a suspension" in a matter of days. I will say, the twitter row between Nilay Patel and Florian Mueller was funny. Lots of pro-apple people were taking Nilay's word over Florians (unsurprisingly). I love fast moving stories like this where writers bias really shows.
Developers can (and will) target the Kindle Fire specifically with the addition of effortless porting of Android applications to the Fire. Kindle fire apps will not run on Android. Android apps will not run on Kindle Fire. Android apps can be ported to Kindle Fire.
Is he dense? Whilst Android based, the Kindle Fire and Amazon Appstore/Ecosystem will emulate exactly what Apple has today. Is it really that difficult for Tim to grasp what Amazon has on offer?
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