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October 11th. Remember that date. This is how flagship products should be refined.
Android OEM's cater to a far wider audience/market than Apple does. Yes there will be generic handsets but the higher end stuff has and will easily outpace what Apple offers.You may be personally averse to 'cramming more hardware into the same space' as you put it but there are benefits (radio technology, processing architecture, memory expansion, optics) have all moved on when it comes to Android handsets.As 'cramming more hardware into the same space' is not your thing,...
On the flipside, you have an easy opportunity to gain sales by putting out a market leading handset (which is probably why Samsung & HTC are doing so well compared to other Android OEMs).This isn't happening is it tho? Look at handsets like the Sensation and Galaxy S II. Android OEMs are pushing the envelope far faster than Apple are (and ever will with a yearly refresh).When every single Android manufacturer stops making massive leaps ahead each few months coming out with...
What a silly metric. Look at it this way: Platform: Windows Platform: Linux To stay with Windows: Microsoft To stay with Linux: Debian Red Hat Fedora Suse Ubuntu et;al Windows - Higher likely retention rate Linux - More choice to switch whilst still using the same platform, lesser distro retention. The very fact that a consumer has more manufacturer choice when choosing an Android handset will lead to lower retention percentage. I'll easily swap...
Is it worth the effort for a (pretty much) dead platform. Apple do lead the way when it comes to smartphone app distribution and os support.
You don't have time to explain it? Would be nice if you could. I'll file this one in "unfounded bollocks" until then. I'd assume that a software creator would be the one most likely responsible for software patent infringement.
I'd suggest finding some new news sources. You'll see why below. Incorrect.Samsung have modified the stock Android Gallery app so that a partial swipe of a picture ends up with the picture bouncing back into place. The stock Android gallery does not act in this manner and thus does not infringe (a partial swipe will always result in moving to the next picture). The patents in question were apparently acquired separately from Google...
The bigger the hype, the harder the fail.
Apple haven't had the bollocks to take on Google as yet despite plenty of opportunity. With Apple being as litigious as they have been as of late, why haven't they attacked Google directly? It seems it's Apple who lack any type of testicles.
Try visiting hackulous. iOS is far from piracy free. Plenty of cheapskates who use either platform.
New Posts  All Forums: