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As a trusted source for "hot hentai tentacle girl bukake creampie action" is unlikely, the best course of action would be to resist your sordid primal instincts and not install it on your beloved phone. Now there's an idea!
I've been quite alarmed at the amount of times I've been asked if I can jailbreak and install installous on people's iPhones/iPods/iPads (to which I tell people to GTFO) for pirated apps. Judging by this latest damning Android post by AndroidInsider you'd think that piracy does not exist in the utopia of Apple. Been using Android for years and am yet to be infected by malware from the Android Market. Mac.World must be "doing it wrong". Stop downloading "hot hentai Chinese...
I don't care. - Sent from my Desktop PC
Homophobe? The CEO of one of the most successful companies on this planet is Gay. Guess which company that would be?
The future is Mobile. Both Google and Apple knew that hence the existence of iOS and Android. Why should any company jeopardize their future over some fallacy of friendship? Google are bolstering their core business with Android (search, ads & user data) so their entry into mobile is logical.
Amazing to see how aggressively people have reacted to this misquote. The praise he had for Jobs and Apple was very humble. Trust AI members to turn it into a vile hatefest. Really, did Schmidt do something awful like kick your puppy (or even worse) bang your mother? Why the anger?
Let me guess what it'll be "Google stole teh multitouch!" (something Apple does not own) or "Android woz teh blackberry before iFone was shown!!!!!!!1one" (which is also bollocks because Android is software, not hardware. Software is scalable and able to run on many form factors/devices)
Ok then, educate us. What did Google do to Apple and more importantly, why aren't Apple fighting back against whatever Google did directly with the company? Are Apple pussies with nothing to fight back against or are you simply talking shite?
For such a secretive company, they sure do suck at looking after prototype hardware. Good to see the police getting involved. You know who to call next time you're inept enough to keep your cellphone secure.
LOL @ MG Siegler gushing about streaming on TechCrunch. http://techcrunch.com/2011/08/30/itu...oud-streaming/ The spin on this article will be epic. I DO hope Apple gets there with this feature one day. Will add a little more value to iCloud.
New Posts  All Forums: