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That's Flash's fault. Download the newest version of Flash and tweak its settings in System Preferences.[/QUOTE] Thanks for your help, Skil. I have the latest version of Flash for Safari and FireFox. The problem is the "accept or deny" box doesn't respond to clicks on it and stays on my screen. The preferences for this are limited.
I've got a couple issues with Safari 5.1 on Lion. 1) On launch, Safari opens the last page opened, not the homepage. Is there any way to have it open the homepage? 2) Every time I play a Flash video a window comes up to accept or deny. Problem is this window is unresponsive and I can't get rid of it regardless of what I click on it and can't be moved either. Anyone else have this problem? I could set the setting to "accept all" but that could be asking for...
[QUOTE=archer75;1844171]You're assuming he's talking about an apple store, which he's not. Though you are correct, apple employees cannot say a word or even speculate to consumers. That's right, archer, this is NOT an Apple retail store, tho it could be under the same restrictions re this issue.
At a local place that sells Macs(not an Apple store) my father was advised by the manager to wait a few days and a quad core 21" iMac would available(at the same price as the current model). Interesting for itself and that a) the manager would know about these things, and b) he informed a customer of that instead of selling him a current iMac to pare down inventory ahead of the upgrade. 'Course, it's been 3 days since then and no upgrade yet........\
Anyone know if it's possible to transfer an iBook between iDevices? I have iTouch now but will be getting(hopefully) an iPad 2 soon. If I buy and download an iBook from the iBookStore to the iTouch, will I be able to transfer it to the iPad? Also, is it a DRM thing that iBooks can't be read on Macs and synced to iDevices like other media? Thanks, Steve(no, not THAT Steve)
Happy New Year, Guys and Gals! I broke the iPod connector end of my iTrip Auto and am looking for a replacement connector with a few inches of cable which I'll be able to solder to the wires of the iTrip Auto. Does anyone have an extra cable with that connector or can you refer me to a site where I can get that? I'll gladly pay $10-15 but $50 for a new one is ridiculous. Thanks, Steve B.
Thanks, Rokcet. 'Cause when I went to empty the trash I got a error message(-xxxx) and nothing happened.I'm still working on it. I got some files deleted via Terminal.
Hey gang, I migrated to a new MBP recently and would like to remove the TM files(from the old MB) from my TM drive. Dragging to the trash did not work(I'll never do that again!). Any suggestions? Thanks, Steve B.
Greetings, How do you move selected text in Mail? I used to do it by drag n drop with or without the CMD key but that doesn't work anymore. Have they removed this functionality? thanks, Steve B.
[QUOTE=MacTripper;1445519] Now that memory like SDXC can hold up to 2TB with 2x the speed of a 7,200 RPM hard drive, why use SSD or HD's anymore? So SDXC could replace RAM and internal storage devices? What about cost? Steve b.
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