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[QUOTE=faithfulFrank;1445578]Well, I plan on buying a 13" MacbookPro this week. But sadly, I'm not excited. frank, you will be if you get it w/an SSD. I got mine last week and damned if it doesn't boot in 20 seconds and programs and web pages load almost immediately! Good luck, Steve
Most of my widgets are coming up blank. Anyone else? Suggestions? Thanks, Steve
Oh, I'm sure they won't be able to resist getting in at least one jibe at M$ over this! Steve B.
Thanks, afx. I'd need to stop/quit for the same reasons I would on computers, which have media players with stop buttons(ie: Tunes), so why not iPods? Time for some feedback to Apple, methinks. Steve B
Happy New Year! I just got an iPod Touch and can't figure out or find how to stop music/video or quit an app, not just pause it. Is there a way? Love it, though. Thanks, Steve B
My MacBook is not responding to some keystrokes from my Apple Wireless Keyboard, to wit, the "W" and "Q" keys, and hence cmd-w and cmd-q. All other keys are OK, including q and w on MB's keyboard(which I used to type qs and ws here). On installing 10.5.5, the progress bar froze and after waiting some time I tried a restart, which it did after a slightly longer than boot-up. Subsequent starts have been OK. Could that be related to this keyboard problem? Thanks, Steve
Thanks, S. Re clearing program: I don't think so. Sorry I wasn't clear in my second post-I'm no longer getting that message. It must occur on just the first few launches.
2nd and 3rd, too, for me at least, but not succesive times, so far......Steve
Now it's not doing it!? Thanks anyway, Steve
Greetings all, I get the following message everytime I launch FF3: “Firefox3.app” is an application which was downloaded from the Internet. Are you sure you want to open it?" The "Do not show this message again" button isn't present. I don't see an applicable preference in FF3. Anyone else get this or have any suggestions? Thanks, Steve
New Posts  All Forums: