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Hqppy August, people! Webpage problem for you: At TNT's and TBS's webpages which run episode videos, I get the following message: This clip requires Windows to play No luck when I changed the user agent in Safari to MSIE 6, either. Is there any workaround for this? I can buy these episodes on iTunes, but... \ Thanks, Steve B.
Hey seq, sorry i've been incommunicado(was waiting for another email notice of a response to my orig. post but none came). I wound up downloading and installing Flash Player 8 at and that fixed my problem with both Safari and Firefox. Don't know if that will work for you, tho. Good luck, Steve B.
Hey people, Since downloading the Shockwave Flash player plug-in a few days ago I can't view video content. A large greyed-out Quicktime icon with a question mark inside appears where the video window used to be. I trashed the plug-in and restarted but no luck. Will reinstalling Sagari fix this or is reseting Safari my only option? Thanks, Steve B.
Adam, It's probably best if you had the iBook fixed. It could be something simple and cheap. If not, make a deal with a good tech or Apple Genious in your area: Offer him or her the iBook real cheap($100, say)if they fix it so you can do the migration. S
Thanks, K, but I'd already tried that. I was actually able to delete them using the Erase function of Disc Utility. Go Yankees! S
Greetings, I hope someone can help me with this. I replaced the HD in my iBook G4 succesfully and put the orig. drive in an FW external enclosure. When I went to delete the now duplicate files/programs/OS, an error message said 2 Read Me files and the WMP app couldn't be emptied from the trash because other files(a lot of files in the case of WMP) are locked. Any ideas? Thanks S
Sorry, no. I looked on Amazon(I think) but no luck. S
Adam, Would a USB-Firewire adaptor or cable work? Good luck. steve
Interesting comments, all. My thought was that for machines older than 3 to 4 yrs with a low maximum memory(less than 256MB, like laptops, say) that this might increase that max. S
Hey people, For those familiar with Vista, will Vista's ReadyBoost, which increases RAM using a USB flashdrive, provide memory capacity beyond the computer's RAM limit? Even if not, let's hope Leopard comes with something similar! Thanks, S
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