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Sorry gang-my bad. Guess I jumped the shark here. Dead Man's Chest won't be out till early December. Steve
Hey Gang, A few months ago I preordered a movie at the iTS(Dead Man's Chest). It is now available retail. How do I "claim my order"/get the download from iTS? I haven't recieved a message from it or Apple. I haven't been charged for it, either, tho. Thanks, S
Thanks rick, that did it Steve
Hey gang! My home folder icon has been a plain folder. I think I did something awhile ago which changed it from the house to a folder. I'd like to change it back but can't find a folder with the house icon. Can I download it from somewhere or get it from someone here? Thanks, Steve B. PS: Kudoes(?) to the AI forum people for the new post prep window. This is my first since they updated it. Excellent! 8)
Thanks much, gsxrboy. Steve 8)
Hey all, I'd like to remove the HD icon from the desktop. I have it in the Dock and don't need it in the Desktop. Thanks, Steve
Greetings, For the PC-savvy out there: A friend logged-out accidentally and can't recall her password. Hers is the admin account but there is another acount she can log-in to. Any suggestions? Can a technician access her PW via a Keychain-like program? She'll have to reinstall the OS(losing Favorites, Address book, other acct., etc) soon, if status quo remains. Also, is MS still requiring thier permission to reinstall XP? Thanks, S
I appreciate it, lundy. I'm sure that would work but I had also contacted the program's(Dates to iCal) developer(prior to hearing from you) and he said to use the Template tab of Address Book's preferences. I'm kicking myself as I should have at least checked out AB's prefs. if I had I could have solved this myself. The program syncs AB and iCal, and generates an alert when a b'day or date is close. Thnks again, Steve
Hi Gals and Guys: I just downloaded Dates to iCal(which syncs iCal & Address Book) and, not having a birthday/date field in my Address Book entries(as I didn't know they existed), now I'm faced with adding the field to at least 75 one at a time. Is there any way of doing that simultaneously? I tried it with all entries selected and Automator but no dice. \tThanks for your help. Steve
Thanks, ryan. Steve
New Posts  All Forums: