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I installed a 512 MB card(replacing a 256 card) and system response/performance is noticibly better, even with Dashboard active. Is anyone interested in the 256 MB card? PC2700 333 200 pin SODIMM DDR S
Spam deleted -JL LOL, very funny, Josh. "Memory" problem, hahaha. I did download it tho, and will renumerate your co. should I find it useful. S.
Thanks, guys. Eddy: I accept USB/Firewire incompatibility. I was able to use Image Capture to offload 2 files that iPhoto couldn't, an .fir file, whatever that is, and a video file(.avi). Baran: An icon doesn't appear on my desktop when I connect my camera, and show CDs & DVDs is checked in Finder prefs. Re iPhoto, it is not seeing the video file. The video software that came with the camera and Quicktime player can play the video after Image...
I think that's a mite drastic, Kicka. Some widgets are useful, so as with many things in life, a bit of moderation is appropriate, ie, limit the number of them and if some get out of hand memory wise, delete or inactivate them. I've ordered a 512 MB module, BTW, which I hope will be plenty til such time as I get a new machine. Does anyone know what Inactive RAM is and how it is different from Free RAM? S.
Greetings, I'd like to offload videos from my digital camera using iMovie, but iMovie only looks at Firewire and my camera only has USB for output. So I am looking for a USB to Firewire adaptor or cable. Does anyone make one? Also, why does a 1GB module of RAM cost more than 2 512 MB modules? Thanks, Steve B.
I am aware of that venue, suni, but thanks anyway. S.
I've got not only the same memory bloat(around 20 MB per active widget), leaving me only 10-20 MB free, but some processes which used to be instantaneous(such as moving down a page in response to hitting the 'page down' key), now take several seconds, and sometimes bring up the spinning beach ball. Total %CPU(1 GB) is 35% at most, so it's not a lack of speed. More RAM should take care of both problems(I have 512 MB now), right? If so, any suggestions as to what to do...
Hey Gang, Since upgrading to Tiger I've noticed that certain processes(opening some files, one page scroll with a click, folder contents appearance upon opening folder, etc) which took less than a second now usually take several seconds and I get the spinning ball. I checked Activity Monitor and the System Memory results are as follows(I tried to attach a Grab of Activity Monitor but couldn't): Wired: 69 MB ...
Interesting and frustrating, briar. While I'm no expert I suggest you try to find a program(shareware, etc.) to return your system to the 10.4.1 state and then talk to a Genious at an Apple store. You may have recieved some bad Mail code in the update that isn't going away with the reinstall of the update. Good luck, Steve B.
Thank you baran. I found the font elsewhere but I bookmarked dafont.com. I've installed and changed most fonts to the new font(with TinkerTool), but I'd like to know how to change the Menubar font(which TT could, which was this font in the screenshot in which I first saw this font, so I know it's possible. I'll ask the guy who sent the me the font. Steve
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