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Greetings People, I saw a font on a MacNN forum I really liked. I've never downloaded a font before. Can I get some recommendations for a good site to do this? The font is HandelgotD. Thanks, Steve B.[/COLOR]
Hey People, I have some .au(A/V?) files of Star Trek sounds that I'd like to use as alert sounds. How can this be done(both OS 10.3.9 and 8.6). Thanks, Steve B.
Hey gang! I just bought a Canon A75 digicam(got a good deal on it, too). I'm trying to offload the movie file, but there is little help from the included documentation. Is a copy of iMovie(any version) available for free download(was it ever)? I would like to stay with Apple's app's but would rather not spend more dough for iLife(great deal tho it is. I'll try the included software but am not expecting much. Also, will iMovie do the...
To record analog output from your stereo, try Audiocorder, from Black Cat Systems at http://www.blackcatsystems.com/software/audiocorder.html . It's easy to use and the only hardware you need are long enough cables(I'm not sure if Audiocorder supports optical input). Good luck, Steve 8)
Thanks guys. I found NIS folders in both folders, dobby. I removed them to the desktop, restarted, and was able to activate OS X's firewall. I then trashed those folders. Steve B 8)
Greetings, I just installed Norton Internet Security 3.0. I can't start OS X's firewall even tho the Norton Firewall is off. During initial start-up the window says Norton firewall is starting up, but I know it's off. Should I trash the Norton firewall so the OS X firewall can be activated? Thanks, Steve PM G4 800 640 10.3.3
Happy Spring People! Here is my problem of the moment: When I use either Print Explosion Deluxe or the newer Greeting Card Factory from Nova Development(OS X version of both) to make and send an e-greeting via email to a PC user(yes, there are a few of those out there, unfortunately), they either can't open it or get a screenful of jibberish. I made sure to select the JPG format, not that of the program. The last one I sent, made with GCF, arrived at my...
Hi folks! My printer has developed a habit of printing the 2nd page first when printing a 2 pg. doc. Pretty sure it used to be first pg first. The whole doc gets printed, tho. Some apps do this(Safari, TextEdit) some don't(Mail). Printer is a HP 5550. Any suggestions? No rush. Steve B.
Hey all, I don't know what happened but I'm getting a display now with over 256 MB of RAM. It could have been because I left the computer on overnight a time or two recently as MacHome advised in their "Spring Cleaning" article in the current issue(Mar '04), tho not specifically for this problem. I figured I try it with the rest of my RAM(640 total) and darned if it works! Thanks to all, Steve B. 8)
I have a PM G4(Sawtooth) with a NVidia GeForce 4 MX graphics card. The Panther 10.3.2 update supposedly came with drivers for the NVidia card(tho I'm not sure if the driver for my card was in it), but it appears the drivers did not get installed-at least I can't find them, and with over 256MB of RAM I get a black screen, tho the computer is on. Can someone send me the following drivers(v. 1.4.3 of each) and tell me where to put them? ...
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