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I always thought it was strange Apple ever developed this game, but it was also the first app I ever bought for iOS, and though I don't play it much anymore, it was/is a fantastic poker app. It got me excited about the potential for apps and games on the platform, and I think that was its point, to showcase the kind of thing that could be done to both users and developers. That time has obviously passed, it achieved its objective, and they probably just don't feel like...
I agree. It's basically a 2nd/5th gen blue iPon Nano that's wider with a larger screen, buttons on the side instead of the top, and obviously no click wheel. Basically a flattened anodized aluminum tube. Nothing new or noteworthy to see here design-wise, move along. I'm not saying it doesn't look nice, it's just been done, before, a lot.
If iTunes Match does as good/bad of a job as it has in the past for cover art, it is a "fail", in my opinion, because it is extremely inefficienct. It is in Apple's, and the consumers' best interest to match as many titles as possible with this service because it means fewer personal versions of tracks being uploaded to the cloud. In many peoples' libraries, this equates to massive amounts of bandwidth (ours and Apple's) and storage (mainly Apple's). It seems pretty dumb,...
This is a question I have as well, because iTunes does a horrible job at finding cover art if you have even one iota of meta-data it doesn't recognize. If it does the same job matching to iCloud/Match as it does for cover art, it's a fail. If it does a better job than cover art matching, why don't they make cover art matching work???
The question I have is, if in the future I buy a movie from Target/Wal-Mart/BestBuy where the package says "Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy", will I no longer be able to download that "digital copy" into my iTunes library and watch it on my AppleTV if it's an "UltraViolet" digital download?If that's the case, I guess I'm back to buying the cheaper DVD-only disc and wasting a half-hour of my time ripping and tagging, or finally just buying it through iTunes (as long as the...
Not without BlueTooth, which I don't think the Nano has.
I'm not referring to it guessing the word, or even the letter, what's actually on the button is irrelevant to PROXIMITY. I'm referring to it guessing the KEY, based on WHERE the finger touches the screen relative to the buttons near where the finger touches.
You're right, this shouldn't work at all...Yes, I know the iPhone is much larger, I'm comparing the size of each "key" relative to the finger pressing... as if iOS doesn't have fantastic algorithms for "guessing" which key was the intended press. It's not infallible, but perfectly usable. indeed.
No, I don't.
Yes, I understand pixel density and that perceptually that 240x240 image would be constrained to 1"x1", but I disagree that it wouldn't be usable. Not only was that example put together quickly, and could've used the space more efficiently (no space between buttons), but as I pointed out in my previous post, Casio has been doing it in the same or less space than that for years. At four buttons wide, if they were edge-to-edge, each button would be at lest .25" wide. The...
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