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Or a camera that takes a better photo than cameras that come in Cracker Jack boxes? Or GPS?
proprietary |p(r)əˈprī-iˌterē| adjective of or relating to an owner or ownership : the company has a proprietary right to the property. • (of a product) marketed under and protected by a registered trade name : proprietary brands of insecticide. • behaving as if one were the owner of someone or something : he looked about him with a proprietary air. Huh, I didn't know J.P. Morgan owned the exclusive right to make $hit up.
I wondered that too. If I could use the App Store to update software that I already own that's in the store, that I didn't initially purchase through the App store, I might actually use it. Then when I do consider purchasing something new I might actually think of using the App Store. As it is now, it's not very useful to most people who probably purchased most of the software they use through other means. I often forget it's there. Apple needs to make it relevant to...
And Apple is headquartered in Cupertino, but residents of Santa Clara county don't get iPhone 5s before other markets (unless they find one in a bar, zing!). Just because they're headquartered there doesn't necessarily mean it makes the best strategic, political, or even logistical sense to launch products/services there.But, then again, I suppose I was just being snarky.
Apparently someone at AT&T really likes Texas.
I work in the IT department of a large (30k student) university, and for administrative and enterprise functions, we are mostly still a Microsoft shop. However, when it comes to tablets and laptops, Apple is making HUGE inroads, even among the MS shills and hangers-on in the department (who are all toting around iPads). Besides the few Android tablets and the BB Playbook we received for testing and support purposes, I have neither seen nor heard of a single non-iPad...
Actually, it could easliy work, and IS short-sighted of Apple, IMO. IF you purchase the USB drive through Apple's online store, you CAN login with your Apple ID to make the purchase, no? So there they have a record of your Apple ID purchasing a copy of Lion.
I couldn't agree more. Both my wife and I carry around both an iPt AND a TracFone. We'd love the integration of the devices the iPhone offers, but not for $1200-$2000 ($2400-$4000 for both of us) every two years. I was so excited and ready to buy the 4th gen iPt when I heard it finally had a camera, then so disappointed when I found out it was a CrackerJack POS, so didn't upgrade. It still also needs GPS. Crossing my finger for the 5th gen, but not holding my breath...
More than old Nintendo titles that might be difficult to adapt to touch input, a niche of iPad game I see as still untapped is the conversion/port of some old turn-based early RPGs written for Win/Mac desktops. Titles that come to mind are the Baulder's Gate series, and Fallout 1 & 2. Heck, even all the old map-based games like Warcraft I, II, and III, Age of Empires, StarCraft I, etc. Those games would easily be adapted to touch input and have huge followings of...
Wow! That's pretty special. Brought to you by the Office of the Department of Redundancy Department.
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