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Great gazooks!  Someone dust off a zombie thread of the year trophy.   :)  I suppose they are upgradable now!  Too bad I fried my G5 mobo years ago. (USB device shorted out)
meh. I don't think I posted in a long time, but I second that. Seems like the first 10 posts or have some script to open a popup.
yea, I would try to keep that away from the cats eyes too. the accidental flash won't do any harm, but the constant exposure might.
haha! I just realized I can't capture my setup in any one picture. My system is weaved throughout shelving, a bed, boxes, OVER a desk, and spilling into my closet. Yea. I live in a dorm.
Whoa guys... Something funky is happening with the ads here... I remember this happening before and thought nothing of it until it happened again today. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, but if this thing is intentional, it reaches a new level of sleazy-creepy. Not cool. When I click certain threads, things that have absolutely nothing to do with advertising, a pop-under uses this click to bypass the built-in popup blocker in safari. If it is a wayward error in...
RIAA vs. Ebby Exhibit "A"
I've had really good luck with exif-untrasher. Since you have a RAID, you likely have the drive space to recover them. Thing is, there is a image and preview saved in those files and it looks like you only recovered the previews. Your files have not shrunk, they are incomplete. You still need to recover if it is possible.
Try shifting at different rpm's. Sometimes you will find one that works for you and try to hit it.
You can boot normally and change your startup disk to your DVD in system preferences. I seem to recall some problems with wireless keyboards doing startup keys. If you have a cheap USB nearby, I would try that too.
This is one problem I wish Apple would address. If a disk image becomes corrupted, there is no way to do a data recovery. Of course yours is encrypted so it doesn't matter here. I think your best shot is to work with Disk utility as that has the most tools you will be able to use. Disk images are great, but they are prone to failure like my 500GB image that I never recovered. (OUCH!)
New Posts  All Forums: