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 I would think the biggest benefit of a bigger screen would be...  A bigger screen.
My 4S lasts a couple of days with moderate use, never had issues at all.
I do like the fact that you can stream/switch your game-playing from one TV to another with this. If someone would come up with a decent media distribution system for in-house media I'd be in heaven. If I can play my game in the living room, then transfer to the bedroom without missing anything, that'd be awesome.
It is a serious problem when it occurs. I can reset my network settings, and the problem will return after about 2-3 hours. I have unlimited data, so usage isn't an issue, but Verizon has terrible coverage in my area, so speed is a problem.
The logo isn't inlayed through the back, it looks like it may be a decal applied, not very apple-esque.  The lack of mounting holes isn't necessarily a sign it's a fake, apple could be building a subassembly that mounts to the holes on the outer perimeter.  I do think the logo is a dead ringer for a fake though...
What about an IR Transmitter?  If this truly is the remote for the new Apple TV, they could be including an IR transmitter for backwards compatability with various players/tuner boxes.
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