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The complaint states that the Amazon bookstore has always made an overall profit. This selling books at a loss theory is something this forum has invented on its own.
After reading the full text of thr complaint, it certainly makes one wonder what kind of other interesting deals may be happening in the part sourcing area at Apple
Great link. The Verge has summarized the key parts here: http://www.theverge.com/2012/4/11/29...le-an-analysis
No. It's the top selling phone on amazon.
Not was. Is. They are just now releasing their first phones.
See... now YOU are caught up in the viral campaing. You successfully learned the name. Nokia would be proud. Again... Well Done!
I have been telling my wife about this upcoming Lumia 900 phone for a few months now. In the AT&T store on Saturday, she held one in her hands for 10 seconds and was like: "Wow! Done! If I sign today, when are you shipping it?"
And how much are you willing to wager?
Of course I wasn't reffering to *you* specifically And you should REALLY try to spell it right Mr Techy: L-U-M-I-A
You can buy the iPhone 4 16GB/32GB at Amazon, but it will cost you 504$/619$ so one has to guess it won't be a big seller on that site.
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