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iCouldn't care less about the iWatch. iBored again. Keep it.
He isn't the only one that adds to the problem. Have you ever listened to "Rev" Al Sharpton? I would love to know what 5th grade school he flunked out of.
iStillBored and iDon'tCare
ibored and idon't care
Even though I am a fan of most Apple products, I will never own one of these pieces of crap. 
"Despite mediocre reviews from critics, the firm's high-margin headphones are some of the most popular models on the market." I guess this just goes to show how ignorant people are. It maybe a POS, but if everybody else is ignorant and buying them, then I guess I have to too. What fools the consumers are. I need to think of something horrible I can sell to the sheep.
I really feel that the warning label should also say that you look like a fool also?
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