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that was fast.
I do mac/pc/ios game development so I purchase these things with my company profits.
Appleinsider is taking longer to refresh for me than Apple.com  =)   I think they got the issues sorted out this time.
I believe so AIA.  For now mine says a delivery of 9/21, that the order is received and can't be cancelled.  If its like last year, waiting too long will result in a several weeks delay as you won't get in on the initial batch.  
Done here!  Placed the order through Apple's site, no issues or slow page loading.  Got my confirmation email, smooth sailing so far.  =)  
  I think the trick is to honestly not care.  I've been using my iphone 4 since launch and I've grown accustomed to it, its not like its some horrible device I need to get rid of right now. (In fact I may miss it because it and apple have served me so well).  I also had an original iphone since launch and used it until the 4 came out.  That was a real, substansial upgrade like I expect this will be.   And it helps to be doing the upgrade for good reasons.  If its just to...
Ready to go here.  Been waiting for this inevitable launch so I could replace my out-of-contract iPhone 4.  And I'm glad Apple turned out to be so predictable on what iPhone 5 was going to be, basically a shrunk down iPad 3.  That's what I've been counting on and it's good to see it happened.
I definitely see BB on the way out.  Not because there's no room for retail, there's just no room for crappy retail.   I've gone into their stores less and less over the years as there are fewer reasons to go.  Too many other/better options, while they continue to run the store like its 1997.  They are truly living in the 90's, the lack of modernization will kill them.  And so will their inability to compete on a big scale, shrinking to survive is the worst thing...
Interested to see what this does to my app's bottom line, but I'm not holding my breath. There's definitely no indication of developers will be making serious money in these countries.
  And the Zagg cases are real lousy too, just like this probably is.  Too flimsy, too many moving parts and joints.  Little plastic parts that need to snap into things or bend and fold over just right.  The smart cover is minimalist but it avoids these problems.  The case was the only interesting thing about this announcement today, and it may prove to not be very practical.
New Posts  All Forums: