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Yes! Australia Makes it to AppleInsider :)
Australian Apple store down.
Quick technical question relating to Core Duo vs Core 2 Duo. Dad is thinking of waiting for a Core 2 Duo powered MacBook, but all he does is Wordprocessing, and internet basically, and with the intel macs possibly running windows XP. Would the Core Duo surfice or should he wait for the Core 2 Duo?
In Australia we got GSM, 3g (UTMS/WCDMA) and CDMA, and soon possibly a 850MHz 3g CDMA network. All 2 confusing.
My brother had to re-install his windows xp pro on his laptop, but before he did that he put all his MP3's onto his ipod. We then wiped windows clean. We then installed windows again, then itunes, and the latest ipod software update from apple. However we are now unable to transfer his mp3's from his ipod to the laptop. Is there any way we can do it?
I wonder if MS is going 2 have 2 tweak XP to work with these new machines . I guess thats why they don't want to further develop Virtual PC.
Wonder how XP runs on it with bootcamp - also how do the PPC apps run under Rosetta? Kickass machine btw.
Slightly off topic, but why not Intel MacOS 10.4.4 -> Virtual PC -> Windows -> Mac OS Classic Emulator?
Anyone thought about the supprise purchase of Virtual PC by Microsoft a few years ago? With Microsoft now owning the code, and being a large Mac developer, I'm sure that MS has a good idea about the specifics of any final Mactel - anyone else thought about this?
Apple's iTunes store is now live Yeah!!!!!
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