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They won't get Xeons. The E7 line is power hungry even relative to fast desktop chips, and even the base ones cost a bloody fortune. You should expect Sandy Bridge equivalents to the existing i3, i5, and i7 models.
The $1,799 price would likely be a virtue of the switch to dedicated graphics that Apple has to make thanks to the Intel/NVIDIA spat. Apple isn't about to put out a MBP with Intel-only graphics, but it can't use the 9400M anymore, either. Solution: use a low-end dedicated GeForce 300M chip and Optimus to save energy while on battery, albeit by using Intel graphics as the backup. It would cost more, but it keep Apple's battery life and performance claims intact.
I'd say the rentals are worthwhile. If you've got a large computer display or you have a Mac mini hooked up to your HDTV, it may make more sense to rent the HD version there than to think about getting an Apple TV just for the sake of the higher resolution.
I wouldn't expect much from the PA Semi deal just yet; they haven't exactly had a lot of lead time. It may just be a faster off-the-shelf ARM chip. PowerVR is more likely, and hopefully more RAM is too -- especially in the off-chance true background apps show. The better camera may be a given too, come to think of it. Even if it's just a bump to a 3.2-megapixel sensor, it would do much. Apple also needs to think about autofocusing; video capture is still something of a...
Enough of the mockups of products that'll never happen; let's talk what's most likely to actually come true. There's actually a few things out there which probably give us a few clues. My guesses: 16GB and 32GB models: something of a given, really; flash memory prices are still dropping, and Apple's habit ever since the first iPod nano has been to double capacity every year. It's the main reason I'll probably be upgrading my iPhone this year. HSUPA 3G access: Infineon...
I get the nagging feeling that this is one of those leaks which we'll swear up and down is "fake," one we'll nitpick the details of for hours, and yet which will ultimately be accurate. Remember, that initial black iPhone on a keyboard was decried as fake, but it was one of the first real iPhone 3G shots. This could be one of those too-early-to-tell images.
ascii: HDCP doesn't necessarily connect to the resolution, though. For that, you need to have the Image Constraint Token (ICT), and even many Blu-ray movies don't use that.
Assuming the NVIDIA story holds true (and I hear it will), here's what I'd tentatively expect for the updates: MacBook: 2.26GHz - 2.26GHz Core 2 Duo - 2GB RAM - GeForce 9300M integrated GPU - 160GB hard drive - Superdrive - $999 MacBook: 2.53GHz - 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo - 4GB RAM - GeForce 9300M integrated GPU - 200GB hard drive - Superdrive - $1199 MacBook Air: 1.73GHz - 1.73GHz low-voltage Core 2 Duo - 4GB RAM - low-power GeForce 9-series...
Sad to say, it isn't hard to predict what Apple will do based on its history: iPod shuffle: 2GB ($49) and 4GB ($69) iPod nano: tall redesign, 8GB ($149) and 16GB ($199), multiple new colours iPod touch: slight redesign, 8GB ($199), 16GB ($299), 32GB ($399), 64GB ($499) iPod classic: may drop to just one model, 120GB ($249); I haven't seen a 1.8-inch drive above 160GB. The bias is definitely towards the iPod touch now. Why promote an iPod classic other than to...
You guys have three stores in Toronto (and not the GTA, Toronto specifically) already! Let some other Canadian cities like Ottawa have some!
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