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You guys have three stores in Toronto (and not the GTA, Toronto specifically) already! Let some other Canadian cities like Ottawa have some!
I don't know, you'd be surprised at the grey market for iPhones on the edge of Europe... Also, insert jokes about preloading the iPhone with Bjork (or Sigur Ros) and calling fairies here.
Yes, but that probably involves a co-processor. The SGOLD2 (I checked it out) was technically upgradeable to WCDMA, but only through an extra chip. As for WCDMA, I don't think it's quite the same thing as HSDPA. You may need one to have the other, but usually the calling sits on the WCDMA part of the connection.
No, it's soldered on. Even if Apple used a notebook upgrade card system like AXIOM (ATI) or MXM (NVIDIA), you wouldn't be able to upgrade to a chip from a different vendor, and notebook upgrade cards are so scarce as to effectively be non-existent. That said, you're on a MacBook. Even the base iMac decimates the GMA X3100 video of the MacBook, so you'd be less apt to complain if you had a fast enough system.
From what I've seen in tech news and from people I know: no. There's a 9.5mm Blu-ray burner now, but it's a tray loader. There needs to be a slot-loader, and while those are in the works, they're probably not going to be ready for the next MBP update.
I'd imagine it's more in terms of the network's suitability and how well-off the citizens are. Signs are that Rogers get more reasonable plans on February 5th, so Canadians might not have long to wait!
Blu-ray's native output is also 1080p (more than twice the number of pixels) and supports up to 7.1-channel surround sound if you've got the necessary hardware. It also has the guarantee that you'll only load it from a 25GB or 50GB optical disc loaded directly into the movie player. Yes, a 720p video stream with 5.1 surround isn't going to seem as nice. But it'll still look better than DVD. And more importantly, it's small enough that you can pull it over a network,...
No, those aren't "pretty obvious!" First: a tapered design is likely impossible. As long as the MacBook Pro has an optical drive, a 2.5-inch hard drive, and the same expansion ports, the size needs to be about the same the whole way around. This would also mean there was little point to the angled MagSafe connector, though the keyboard, trackpad, and a magnetic latch are distinctly possible. Note that these aren't givens -- I can see Apple issuing at least one more...
I really hope you people with seemingly serious answers are just joking -- it's so obvious that this is a fake that I feel badly for anyone who wouldn't question its authenticity!
I can't believe you'd even think that video was real. Unless AT&T is about to undergo a name change to "Nate," that's just a jailbroken iPhone with a home screen editing hack switched on.
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