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The problem with DVI on the 12" is... well, where do you put it? If you look at the left-hand side of the 12" model, a huge portion of it is covered in ports (which doubtlessly take up space on the inside). It's questionable as to whether or not DVI output would swallow up too much space. If they could work it in, great, but I'm suspicious.
jccbin: It's entirely possible (if not likely) that they EOL the 1.42 GHz systems because they would expect the existing stock to last until the big update. The lower-end systems are logically more affordable for most, so they need to be produced over a longer period of time. While Apple would certainly want to clear out their stock by the time the PPC 970 hits (assuming it hits this summer), they don't want to have a premature shortage!
If such a Mac happens, it definitely won't be called the bMac. There's a certain Canadian Mac store which already has dibs on that name.
I suspect that the case will largely be made out of aluminum, in order to aid cooling and to help set the style. It's possible that it may involve different materials in different locations (such as a lucite/plastic front). The handles will still probably be there, since that's one of the selling points. However, if Apple does try to accomodate the people who want to stack the systems - or those who just want a lower profile - I suspect that they'll try to implement...
I'm of the opinion that Apple will deliberately want to keep things simple, since at the moment the PowerBook lineup is already a bit complicated. Either CPU options will be reduced, or optical drives, or both. Let's use this as an example: 12" PowerBook:1 GHz G4 133 MHz system bus 256 MB DDR266 memory 60 or 80 GB hard disk Combo drive (Superdrive optional) Airport Extreme card optional 32 MB GeForce FX 5200 Go video $1699 base price 15" PowerBook:1.25 GHz G4 167...
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