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NAB is a prime target this year. If Apple really does go into ultra-high definition video editing (2K, 4K) video at the expo, eight-core Mac Pros could be genuinely useful.
It's all a sinister plot! That said, if you really want to see, you can just wait until either a bootleg video or an official Apple posting surfaces. A lot easier than slogging through hours of awards.
http://www.electronista.com/articles...one.oscars.ad/ I'm doubly intrigued if this is true. Not just because Apple would be pitching something that isn't even due for another few months, but that it might tell us what Apple's ad campaign for the iPhone will be. I don't see them doing an exact clone of the iPod ads, but nor do I see them going folky as with their Mac campaign.
I suspect Apple might put in a low-end GPU just to make the 15" MacBook (if it's real) the bridge system they want it to be. I can almost see the specs now (keeping in mind that these are based on CPU and graphics tech we know is coming out): 1440x900 display 2.2GHz Core 2 Duo (Santa Rosa platform) 1GB of RAM 8X dual-layer Superdrive (assuming improvements/size help out) 120GB hard drive 128MB Mobility Radeon X2300 video I'd buy it.
ECC isn't better for gaming - in fact, it may actually be worse (if not by much) as it forces error checks that could add a bit of latency to the equation. Also, don't read too much into the mention of AMD. Since AMD owns ATI, Apple doesn't have much of a choice if it wants graphics from someone other than NVIDIA.
I'm guessing that's why the author put "dishonestly" in front of "backdated," innit? The implication isn't that backdating by itself was wrong, but that the way it was done was wrong.
He didn't say that the average iPod was full - he said that if you filled the typical iPod, only 3% of the 1000 songs would have iTunes Store content.
That's just untrue. Where'd you hear that DRM consumed a lot of battery life? FairPlay is just a container for what's otherwise a normal AAC file. It's not like you're decoding an RC5 key - there's only enough encryption to prevent people from easily breaking the track. For that matter, the review doesn't say the library was completely devoid of iTunes Store songs, just that most of the songs weren't. There's a big difference between "little" and "none!"
Bus speed? Not necessarily. But the key is that Penryn both makes for more room on a single chip and cuts down on the electricity leaks that generate heat and waste power, so it ultimately runs cooler than a 65nm chip but still offers you more cache or more instruction sets.
I'm pretty sure the price will remain the same, even if it does cost Apple a bit more at first. The backlight certainly isn't the most expensive component in a notebook. I'm really hoping this makes it to the MacBook line sooner rather than later. I'd hate to go shopping in the spring, pick up what's on offer, and find out that the update 6 months later has a much better screen and runs for half an hour longer in real-world use.
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