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I think you're reading too much into that. He was probably pointing out that album art looks good on the screen, full stop - not that this particular album's art was great (although it is, but that's another matter). If you're going to point to that segment as evidence, it's just the existence of high-res, properly formatted album art and the obvious sign that Jobs' sample iPhone was preloaded with several Beatles albums, not just one or two.
Wait, for two reasons: 1. ILife 07! If for no other reason, ordering after the MacWorld keynote is over will probably net you a free (with shipping) upgrade to iLife 07 if it isn't bundled with your system. Why order so close to MacWorld but then face the prospect of another $79 to get the latest Apple creative goodies? 2. The MWSF surprise factor could also play into it. Anyone who bought a PowerBook in late 2003 or an iMac in late 2005 (I'm one of the latter) can...
I believe MOSR about as much as I do the tabloid at the grocery store, but even basic dedicated graphics are better than Intel's integrated graphics. It can mean the difference between playing World of Warcraft on low detail versus not playing at all.
I've got a Windows box alongside my Mac, and the former hasn't been infected with malware to the best of my knowledge (and yes, I periodically scan it to be safe) despite leaving AV, anti-spyware, etc. off. Because I use a router and avoid using IE or Outlook and am sufficiently skeptical about spam and other links, I don't put myself in those dangerous positions to start with.
I'm going to be pragmatic and suggest only a straightforward (but welcome) upgrade to the MacBook: - 2 and 2.16GHz Core 2 Duos - 1GB of RAM standard - 80 and 120GB hard drives - 6X Superdrives where applicable - maybe a Superdrive standard on the base model Don't expect dedicated graphics or anything revolutionary.
It might be a question of power draw. The camcorder and hard drive may consume a lot of power of their own, so it may be more efficient to pack a hub that can directly supply power to both. While I'm at it, I'd like to chip in predictions of my own for the new MBP based on what we know now:15-inch 2.16GHz Core 2 Duo * 1GB of memory * 8X dual-layer Superdrive * 100GB hard drive * 128MB Mobility Radeon X1700 (it exists!)$199917-inch 2.16GHz Core 2 Duo * 1GB of memory * 8X...
I think Photokina would be a good place to update at least the Pro models. As far as specs, I think heat concerns may keep clock speeds the same while performance goes up through optimizations. 1GB of RAM will probably also be standard for every MacBook above the base model. They could conceivably drop the price slightly on the base model to make it more tempting.
But you did make the assumptions:See what I mean? Once again: if they can put a GeForce Go 7700 in a reasonably thin 14-inch laptop, a MacBook Pro probably isn't an issue even if Apple has to tune it down a bit. I won't discount the possibility that Apple will keep the X1600 (and probably double the minimum VRAM) or even wait for a Mobility Radeon X1700 if it's cool enough, but don't rule out NVIDIA just because you always associate them with hot-running desktop...
You seem to be making false logical assumptions here: 1. NVIDIA chips always consume more power at the same performance level. 2. No chips released after the X1600 could deliver more performance at the same power, even a year later. 3. Therefore, barring a tweak from ATI itself, the X1600 is the only option for the MacBook Pro. The GeForce Go 7700 is a mid-range chip in the same class as the X1600. It's made using an 80 nm process (the X1600 is built at 90 nm) that...
If a GeForce 7300 GT in an iMac can beat out a desktop X1600, I wouldn't be surprised if a GeForce Go 7700 outclasses a mobile X1600. The latter came out late last year while the 7700 is brand new. I'm pretty sure it's possible for NVIDIA to produce a mid-range chipset in late 2006 that doesn't melt the insides of the case but which still outperforms the X1600.
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