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 Perhaps... when using my 4s, I generally use one hand for doing simple tasks, etc... but when it comes time to type? I ALWAYS use two hands. One handed typing is useless IMO.
 The fact that you would even have to do that is STUPID... the Galaxy Nexus is only 2 years old. Same age as the 4s. If I would have purchased a GNex I would be VERY unhappy right about now.
If that wasn't his insinuation I'll eat my hat... and yours too! 
 Really... stealing an ENTIRE OS?? Hmmmm... wasn't iOS built on BSD and Android on Linux?
I would think that by now, ANYONE that knows anything at all about Apple will know that they don't listen TO their audience, they TELL their audience what to listen TO. Steve Jobs did this time and time again... he didn't ask ANYONE if they wanted an iPad... he just envisioned one, had it produced and TOLD people that they wanted one... and guess what? They did. No use arguing over something that's not going to change.
 How? By manufacturing the components that go into the manufacture of the phone? :)
 You're obviously NOT a tech lover, nerd, geek, whatever you want to call me...  Play what?? Just plain PLAY with it... handle it, fondle it, try games, browsing, etc. on it to see how it performs and looks. Try carrying it around and using it for a few weeks. That's it! That's all people like me what to do with technology! I applaud ALL new innovations and can't wait to see where they lead us down the road.
 WOW! A post I can appreciate! As a fellow tech lover I agree!! Buy things... try them out. Play with them!! Hey - Steve Wozniak does!! Why?? Because he's a tech lover! It seems to me that most people that buy Apple products are NOT tech lovers... they buy ONE brand, and ONLY one brand, and seem scared to try something else.  I understand... if you've bought 13 "Motorola/Samsung/Sony/Panasonic/Fill in Whatever Brand Here" devices and ALL have been duds, not ever buying...
 Really? I remember reading that particular review and don't recall Motorola EVER saying it was an Octo or Anand saying ANYTHING about it being a "fiasco". Matter a fact - a Google search for "moto x x8 fiasco" returns nothing. Did you actually READ that somewhere, or did someone post that here on this forum, and you just swallowed it hook line and sinker without any actual proof?? Unfortunately that seems to be how it works around here most of the time. 
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