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Then use better passwords and don't be stupid enough to give it away.
Naw, only the losing companies need to even mention their competitors; the winners products stand on their own.
Originally Posted by jobsonmyface [post] Please. Mods. Come on. Ban this… thing. Not even a person. Indeed, it's probably one of the millions of Samsung's paid bloggers.
Forgot to mention on the memory side that after the OS is installed your useable memory will be half, minus the office software and any apps.
Because you would be developing for less than a third of users and maybe three different handsets.
What is with all the advertising comparisons to the competitors. Can't they simply show what they can do rather than what they say others can't? Like voting for a president who only tells you about his competitors and nothing about himself.
Samcrap would be much better at making copiers. That is what they do best.
It's really simple. Fine these companies such a huge amount every time they leak information, hack or bug. Once or twice being fined it should stop.
No one should be allowed to upload their contacts. Did they ask those contacts if they wanted their address and phone numbers sent to FaceBook?
Take up screen space with ads. Sell you down the road to it's advertisers. The only thing Google is good at.
New Posts  All Forums: