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a buddy of mine works for fox and is producing the site for 24 this season, and he asked me to pass the word a bit to get people to check out the site. so here it is. so far he's been cursed -- every show he does a site for gets cancelled (x-files, lone gunmen, greg the bunny, etc.). he's a mac user, if that helps. [ 10-25-2002: Message edited by: beer ]

Office Space!
[quote]Originally posted by Hassan i-Sabbah: It was about oil.
And this is a bad thing... why?
Total GDP 2000 (in millions) United States of America: 9,837,406 Germany: 1,872,992 United Kingdom: 1,414,557 France: 1,294,246 Italy: 1,073,960 Spain: 558,558 Switzerland: 239,764 Sweden: 227,319 Belgium: 226,648
[quote]Originally posted by Samantha Joanne Ollendale: SDW2001, if you want to win points in an argument, make some valid rebuttals. You sound like the kind of person who uses his fists rather than his words when he has run out of ideas. Even if what I post is unacceptable to your view of the world, do try to counter with a valid argument rather than stooping to name calling. Your attitude is naive and childish and your post puts out the image of a 14 year old...
Samsung a400. Good phone.
Separation of Church and State. Not Separation of church and State. Church and State. There's a reason for that.
[quote]Originally posted by Samantha Joanne Ollendale: And yet the US goes rushing headlong to sign and hold international conventions, meetings and treaties to further the cause of global trade and the power of multinational private corporations, many of which are *NOT* even American owned. I suppose you think that signing international treaties when it comes to economic causes and further enrich the wealthiest global elites are just fine and dandy, but anything...
The problem with this treaty (and, for the most part, all global treaties), is that they erase individual citizen's rights in favor of socialistic "we know what's best for you" global supervision. In the United States, the citizen's are not granted rights by the Government; rather, the citizen's grant the Government certain powers. If the US Government signs a treaty like this (or like Kyoto, for example), it signs away that particular right of the citizen. The...
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